Juan Gonzalez Tries Out For Rockies

The Juan Gonzalez saga is fairly amusing for a lazy Friday afternoon, so let me take another crack at translating a new El Nuevo Dia article.

Yesterday, Juan Gonzalez tried out for the Colorado Rockies in Puerto Rico.  He’s reportedly in magnificent physical condition.  That report has been passed along to Colorado’s front office, but there is no agreement as of yet.

Gonzalez tried out for the Athletics on Monday, and worked for the Red Sox and Cubs previously.  Despite reports that Gonzalez was due in Red Sox camp this week, a close friend of Gonzalez’s told El Nuevo Dia that he never signed a contract with them.  His agent has negotiated with the Sox, but he’s still a free agent.  There may have been a verbal agreement in place prior to the Wily Mo Pena trade.

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