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Royal Rumblings

Today's KC Star reports this morning that the Royals, with the first waiver wire claim, will probably snag Tony Graffanino to plug into a utility role once again.  They have a spare $4-5MM with which to do so.  Take that, Mets! 

Furthermore, a new Royals source of mine (yes, they do exist) mentions that lefties Jimmy Gobble and Jeremy Affeldt are currently on the trading block.  Mike Wood may also be available.  According to the source, a deal might happen before the end of the week.

Affeldt is probably the most intriguing of the bunch.  The 26 year-old has a 4.53 career ERA and 6.9 K/9 in 329 innings.  He's currently slotted in as the Royals' fourth starter after relieving exclusively in 2005.  According to RotoWire, the return of Mark Redman and Zach Greinke may push him back out of the rotation. 

Back in November, Affeldt's name was tossed around in Kevin Mench rumors.  The Rangers could still use a starter, especially one with Affeldt's extreme groundball tendencies.  Although they already have a host of injury-prone starters in the current rotation.  The Royals seem fairly committed to Emil Brown and his atrocious left field defense, but you have to figure they'd want Mench if at all possible.  He could hit twice as many homers as Brown.  Mench's $2.8MM salary could probably be squeezed into the payroll for 2006.

Gobble?  Well he's fairly young and he won nine games once.  He looked kind of promising when he was called up in 2003.  Wood?  It was nothing short of a miracle that he managed a 4.46 ERA with a 1.57 WHIP.  Maybe he can keep it under 5 this year but I doubt it. 


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If the Rangers haven't already traded Mench, they aren't going to, especially after the spring he's having. Many think this will be his breakout year.

Affeldt for Dellucci is more likely.

I personally believe the Rangers could get a much better pitcher than Affeldt if they dealt Mench. Keep in mind that many thought 2005 would be Mench's breakout year too. I am high on him, however.

How about Affeldt for Nixon and cash. The Red Sox could use a left reliever

Trot could have a no trade clause. Which if he did, he'd be smart to use it.

He doesn't. The Red Sox do not give those out.

I don't know if 1997 counts, but if it does, I think Nixon is a 10-5 player.

That's a ten year veteran with 5 years with another team. Nixon's been with the Red Sox his whole career and cannot be a 10-5.

I would not be suprised if Theo tried to move Nixon. Epstein's goal seems to be to get younger and cheaper even if it is at the expense of fan and clubhouse favorites. I dont think Theo is done dealing by any means

Actually John I thought the 10/5 rule was 10 YRs in the league, and at least 5 with the same team

to confirm my last comment


Trade Nixon Willy Moe will hit 40 if he plays everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And make Adam Dunn look picky in the process

"Take that, Mets!"
Take what? A career 91 OPS+ with a mediocre glove? The Mets already have Tony Graffanino. His name is Jeff Keppinger and he makes the league minimum.

Heilman is now in the pen. Guess that makes him worthless in fantasy, yeah?

Yeah, but the Mets wanted him anyway. And as much as I like Keppinger, do you really think the Mets are going to let him start over Matsui/Hernandez this year?

On Heilman, yeah, most of his value is gone. Still useful in NL-only and as a reserve closer for Wagner.

"Yeah, but the Mets wanted him anyway."
The Mets are run by a barrel of drunken monkeys on a heroin binge. Doesn't mean their decision was right. If anything, the Royals prevented the Mets from making a mistake.

What's the word on Prior and Wood?

Surprisingly the word on Wood is better than on Prior. I think Wood will be back first, still on track for early May. Prior is throwing a little bit but it seems like he could be out til June. The Cubs are keeping mum on Prior, which isn't a good sign.

Highly unlikely the Mets care at all about this considering the fact that Graffanino is NOT a starter. I'll take a up and coming, young, cheap, good defensive, speedy 2B any day over Graffanino.

I would take Graffanino over Valentin though in a utility role.

Bannister is the number 5 starter for the mets what are his projections?

I have fantasy baseball qustion. I was hoping u guys could help me out. A guy in my league keeps sending me trades for pujols my best player. He keeps sending texeira and cc sabathia for pujols and weaver. Do you think i should do this deal??

for all u guys saying we should pick up graffnino are crazy.... hes not good...stick with the inhouse and play hernandez

Just a few things about Trot Nixon from above. First, I believe he becomes a 10-5 player this year. I'm not entirely sure how the service time is measured, but he played a few games in 1996, and that's where it starts.

As for trading him, I really don't think the Red Sox are trying to do that. Nixon is still an excellent hitter against RHP, while Willi Mo is very good against lefties, even having a respectable OBP. A straight platoon of the two would be excellent, and Theo definitely knows all the stats. Nixon is staying put.

BigMetsFan,Dont do that trade Weaver sucks and he is going back to the AL.C.C despite having to pitch in the Al last year had a better E.R.A then Weaver did.So you are Getting the edge in pitching but not a big enough edge to make this trade.And Texeira is Great player but not a s good as Pujols.
Dont Do it.Dumb move if you were to do it.

Trade Nixon.We need help in the left handed reliever department.How about Guardado for Nixon.(Yeah like that would happen)I can hope though.

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