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Carroll: Red Sox Looking At Craig Wilson, Geoff Jenkins, Moises Alou

In his latest update, Will Carroll tell us:

"The Sox are also looking for cheap outfield help as a backup in case tests on Trot Nixon come up with a poor result. There are several names in play, including Craig Wilson, Geoff Jenkins, and Moises Alou. The question here will be price and fit. The Sox, even if Nixon is out for the year, could go with Gabe Kapler and Wily Mo Pena if the price is too high on an acquisition."

My hunch is that the BoSox go with the latter solution, but I'm surprised how little action there has been on Alou.


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if i were theo i would look at craig wilson

Kip Wells, Craig Wilson, Mike Gonzalez, and Salomon Torres are all Pirates and are all available.

The Red Sox are supposed to be "on the verge" of a Kip Wells deal. Could Wilson and a reliever also be on the docket for the Sox?

id assume so

What is wrong with Willy Mo? I loved that deal aton!.....But if you arent going to play him then why did trade for him?

Agreed Kramerica ... All these moves that the Sox are supposed to be in on seem to lack any reasoning ... They do not provide and additional wins ... Replacing Willy Mo with Wilson, Gonzalez with Lugo, etc ...

Validlyte: It'd be replacing Loretta with Lugo.

It's Wily Mo, with one 'L'

Besides, nobody says he'd be replaced. Acquiring Craig Wilson would provide depth behind Kevin Youkilis at first, and Manny Ramirez in left field.

With Trot Nixon injured, Wily Mo Peña is STARTING in right field. Gabe Kapler is his current backup. The Red Sox might prefer more backup than Kapler. Wilson can play the corner outfield spots and first base.

thats what i have been saying all day lugo wont add wins(this year add after the season but not now)! Your main competition is the yankees they inproved in the rotation(over ponson) and Abreu they have gotten the impact deal! The Red Sox need to give up some prospects get the impact player...if Kip Well is the best they do over the next 30 mins then i give up on the season!

Well remember you said that, ebcause Kip Wells might be enough to help them. I myself would be disappointed with the Red Sox if that is all the ygot, but I wouldn't cancel their season over it.

The Yankees also didn't get any real rotation help. Cory Lidle holds and ERA near 5.00 in the National League. Remember Tim Redding? Don't expect much out of Lidle or Ponson.

I personally would like to see the Red Sox move for Jon Lieber.

Abreau is a significant upgrade for the yankee outfield ... Lugo is not a significant upgrade (to loretta or gonzo) ... Wilson would be good to have as a bench player but isnt impact ... I think everyone is afraid Kip Wells would be Supan ...

jenkins to the red sox would be such a steal for the brewers... opening up a spot for hart and ridding themselves of jenkins' contract for anything would be awesome...

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