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Mets To Trade Jeff Keppinger

Astute Mets fans may have noticed that second baseman Jeff Keppinger of the team's Triple A club is not in tonight's lineup.  He also didn't play in Sunday's game.  From the folks I have spoken to close to the Norfolk Tides, Keppinger is not known to have an injury.

A source tells me that Norfolk Tides manager Ken Oberkfell has informed Keppinger that he is part of a deal with the Pirates.  Keppinger, a 26 year-old, hit .337 for Norfolk last year.  He's known for his superb bat control, regularly making contact more than 90% of the time.  Baseball America considers him a future utility man with a possibility of more.  Keppinger previously played in the Pittsburgh organization, and was sent to the Mets in the Kris Benson deal.

A separate source of mine indicates that something is indeed going on with Keppinger.  While Keppinger for Roberto Hernandez is feasible, he says the deal may be expanded to include Oliver Perez, among others.

UPDATE: Looks like I was off on this one; a minor deal with the Royals appears to be in the works. KC would send Ruben Gotay to the Mets.


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This doesn't seem to make sense. Jose Castillo is having a great year and Oliver Perez will be a very good pitcher with expirience and is part of their future so why would they trade him for a 26-year old minor-league utility man

Guess we'll have to see how this all shakes out.

Kepp should have been our starting 2b this year. He has great tools. You'll be lucky to have him. Perez lost 7 MPH on his fastball overnight and was sent to the minors. Maybe he'll turn it around, but that sounds like a fair deal...I'll be sad if it happens...i've been waiting for Valentin to go down w/an injury. Maybe you'll trade Wilson and move Castillo to Short and have Kepp at 2nd.

Sweet I like to see the possiblity of jack wilson being traded. As a cubs fan I am happy when the bucs do bad since we always seem to rape them on trades.

Keppinger is on his way to KC for Ruben Gotay...


Looks like I was off on that one...thanks for the link.

Great Job tracking this one down...none of the NY papers had it before you did. Getting everything right before it goes down is virtually impossible, as sources always care about themselves first, the fans second and the media guys they're talking to, last. Keep up the good work.

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