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Stark: Mets To Get Roberto Hernandez, Oliver Perez

According to ESPN's Jayson Stark:

"Mets are closing in on a big deal with the Pirates, for Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez. Still haggling about the rest of that deal."

The Mets have been interested in these guys for a while; first I heard of it was back when Jeff Keppinger was dealt.

SI.com now reports that Xavier Nady goes to Pittsburgh in the deal.  I'm told that the Mets also have coveted Edwin Jackson as a project for Rick Peterson, but that interest may be on hold with this acquisition.

UPDATE: Word via Scott Miller of CBS Sportsline is that the Mets could spin Perez along with Heath Bell to the Padres for Scott Linebrink.  Perez, of course, began his career with San Diego.


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dont see how this will ever help the pirates

Actually ESPN just is passing along SI.com's rumor that it's Nady

i iwsh the red sox would have gotten oilver perez instead of friggen kip wells

SI actually broke that it was Nady going in the deal first (not ESPN).


Maybe if this is true, Wilson is being traded and Nady takes over for him?

Fixed that, my bad.

Man Ram, the Red Sox will be looking at Kip Wells, but probably with Craig Wilson and Salomon Torres. I wonder what that would cost them, but it's not Kip Wells alone. They also appear to be moving Mike Lowell to the Padres and plan to replace him with Julio Lugo.

whatever they give up for Wells, Wilson and Torres is probably too much and what are we going to get from the padres that is not included in the pirates deal ...

Anything could happen, but it appears now that somethign would shakedown liek this:

Red Sox trade for Wells and Wilson, Julio Lugo, and Scott Linebrink.

This gives the Red Sox a 5th starter, a reliever, and an infielder to replace Lowell.

Schilling, Beckett, D. Wells, Lester, K. Wells as the rotation.

If David Wells can hold it down until Wakefield returns, the rotation might be decent enough. Theo should really be looking for a more reliable starter, however (Lieber? Clemens??)

the boston globe is saying there's talk of a 3way w/Boston, Tampa Bay, and San Diego...bringing Linebrik(sp) and Lugo to the Sox

Tat deal would likely be set up with:

Red Sox give: Lowell, prospects
Red Sox get: Linebrink, Lugo

Devil Rays give: Lugo
Devil Rays get: prospects

Padres give: Linebrink
Padres get: Lowell

Lowell/Loretta, either one could be in this deal.


Espn said Matt Stairs to Texas

Know what I'd do if I was a GM? Over offer a little for Scot Shields and turn him into a starter.

That guy is too good for the 6/7th inning work he often gets.

Doesnt look like Schimdt will be traded

mlb.com radio reports that matt stairs was traded to Texas, as Kramerica posted.

Also, alksntwnsfn, Shields is really the only 8th inning guy for the Angels, and does it very well. He could be a starter, but I think he fits in very nicely as a 8th inning reliever.

Check the update the three doesnt happen if linebrink goes to ny

good call for minaya again - he was forced to get a RP, and he did so with still being able to get somebody who could help long term

According to WEEI, the Red Sox have Coco Crisp, Mark Loretta, Mike Lowell and Wily Mo Pena in the starting lineup for Monday's game.

You're right... he really is the set-up guy there. Still, I think he could be more.

He has a deeper repitore than most relievers. 3 plus pitches.

Good 8th inning guys are a lot harder to find than good starters. But I can see how any manager would be hesitant to do it.

Kip Wells traded to Texas, so where do the Red Sox turn now?

so it looks like the sox didnt make any trades, while the yankees added an all star caliber outfielder and an okay pitcher

this sux

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