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Heyman: Aramis Ramirez May Become A Free Agent

It seems that SI's Jon Heyman has a different take than the Chicago Tribune's Paul Sullivan on the Aramis Ramirez situation.  As you recall, Sullivan mentioned ten days ago that the Cubs believe Ramirez won't exercise his out clause and become a free agent this winter.  It seemed curious, as Ramirez could easily top three years and $33.5MM for his age 29-31 seasons on the open market.

Yesterday afternoon, Heyman commented:

"Aramis Ramirez is telling friends that he plans to exercise an option to opt out of his contract with the Cubs.  Ramirez...is also telling people he'd love to go to New York.  The Astros, Rangers, Angels, Dodgers, Red Sox and Tigers could be among favored players for Ramirez. But, of course, the Cubs won't let him leave easily."

So what's it going to be, Aramis?  Honor your current deal (a hometown discount), take more money on the open market, or renegotiate with the Cubs? 


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Aramis would look real nice in Phillies red as the right handed power protection bat for Ryan Howard!

The best thing he could do would be opt out and get away from the biggest losers in pro sports- The sorry ass cubs

Register you must be a cards fan.

WEEI(Boston):Julian Tavarez starting for the Red Sox tonight- Looks as if the Wells deal is done

For the record... Tavarez????? I mean yeah things are bad... but Tavarez?????

Looks like Kottaras is going to be taught in the fine art of knuckleball catching...

I know its bad(like i said it would be) But i thought it would be Dinardo but Toronto does pound lefties

Seriously though, unless the Cubs purge their management no one would really want to play for them... except mange Inge.. who said in a interview that he doesn't like being patient.. (which would explain why he's hitting like crud despite a lot of HRs.)

As a cub fan my heart is almost always more possitive than reality. I think the cubs will do whatever they can to keep aramis. He is the power of the cubs lame lineup. Without him Derrek Lee loses protetion and his numbers decline. I think Cubs will re-sign Aramis to a long deal worth alot of money as well as going out and signing another potent RBI guy like Carlos Lee. Let me know what you guys think and who you think the cubs will have on there targets in the winter. Thanks. Taylor

As a red soxx fan i really hope this guy ops for free agency and comes to boston because he would be a great fit but i don't think there's a good chance of it happening. (we could trade lowell and his 9 mill for pitching)

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