2007 MLB Free Agents: Luis Gonzalez

When we last checked in with future free agent left fielder Luis Gonzalez, he’d been informed by the D’Backs that they didn’t want him back. 

Now, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe has a few interested teams for us:

"Don’t feel bad about Luis Gonzalez‘s Diamondbacks career being over. The Orioles, Tigers, Rangers, and Cubs are already considering him as a DH and/or left fielder for next year."

Word was that Gonzo wanted to stay in the NL, meaning a return to the Cubs might be at the top of the list.  The problem?  The Cubs already have a left fielder, and he’s having a fine age 24 season.

Matt Murton:  .294/.359/.438
Luis Gonzalez:  .274/.356/.453

Given that Murton is improving and Gonzalez is on the decline, and that Gonzalez will make significantly more money, the signing wouldn’t make much sense. 

If the Cubs really are interested, that should mean one of two things. 

1. They plan on using Murton in center field and letting Juan Pierre go (unlikely but not the worst idea in the world if Murton could somehow pull it off on defense).

2. They are considering trading Murton (possible).

If the Cubs want to make a major trade, say involving Miguel Tejada, Murton could be a coveted player. 

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