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Sherman: Carl Crawford Available

As you may have seen, Joel Sherman's latest article mentions that the D-Rays will "dangle" Carl Crawford in return for a top starting pitching prospect.  Sherman goes on to mention that TB would also explore trading Rocco Baldelli or - gasp - Delmon Young.

Given Young's off-the-chart talent and future, I can't see how this is feasible.  Crawford makes a sense though, as he's relatively well-paid and proven.  But aside from Mr. Kazmir, how often do you see top-shelf pitching prospects moved?  Here are some names: Scott Elbert, Homer Bailey, Philip Hughes, Jason Hirsh, Nick Adenhart, Humberto Sanchez, Donald Veal.  Do you see any of these guys being traded?  Apparently, that's what it would take to land Crawford.

Exchanging outfield talent for an equally good starting pitcher makes all sorts of sense for the Rays.  And Crawford is signed at a good price through 2010.  Would Tim Purpura trade Hirsh or Troy Patton to snag Crawford, a Houston native?  Just one of many interesting subplots to follow this winter.  Sherman also mentions the Rockies, Dodgers, and Angels as suitors.  The White Sox have shown interest in the past as well. 


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It wouldn't really make any sense for the Dodgers whom already have Matt Kemp, Andre Either and JD Drew for next year... (and two of them are youngsters) AND they have money to spend on FA anyway. their main goal this winter should clearly be a 1B that can slug.

I might make some sense for the Rockies though then again, if they want "elite' pitching prospects going back i can't see how the rockies can pull it off.

Wouldn't trading Rocco Boldelli make far more sense? he's a CF (more in demand) , a health risk for the Rays and they probably wouldn't need as much back for him in return...

Or how about by starting with Elijah Dukes... whom the Rays were already dangling out there anyway.

Just don't make a lot of sense...

Also, why was there such a major fuss about Robinson Cano's lack of walk while no one seem to be pointing out that the so called best prospect in baseball has 1 walk after 100+ at bats?

The price for Crawford will be so high few teams will be able to even enter into the conversation. I think Crawford is a great player, really I do, but I don't like his position, LF. I don't think you trade three good prospects for a left fielder. But who has three good prospects to trade? The Angels won't do it. The Diamondbacks' strength isn't in pitching. Would the Brewers really trade Inman, Gallardo, and Rogers for Crawford? Doubtful. Plus Inman and Gallardo have better numbers than prospect status. Would the Cubs really trade Sean Gallagher, Donald Veal, and Rich Hill for Carl Crawford? Actually, yeah, to make a splash they probably would. Or not, considering everyone dogged them on the Pierre trade.

The Dodgers however, could trade Scott Elbert, Kuo, and Greg Miller and come out smelling like roses, every single one of those guys is overrated. But with Ethier, Drew, Kemp, etc. it hardly seems necessary.

The Yankees don't seem like a great fit for Crawford this offseason. Phil Hughes, Tyler Clippard, and Wang is a good package, but Matsui, Abreu, and Damon are all locks on the team and moving Giambi back to 1st is a bad idea. They're better off just keeping the pitching, I don't think Crawford's basestealing ability can be *fully* exploited in a lineup like that.

I think the Astros, Tigers, and Dodgers make the most sense. It'd be funny to see the Cubs try and completely divest themselves of any useful young cheap pitching they have for years to come and go with Zambrano + 4 AA pitchers next year. But Crawford would get the Trib tickets selling! I don't think he'd fix their problems though.

I really don't have a good insight on this however do you think the Cards would consider moving Reyes again if they could land crawford with him? I realize that leaves them very thin starter wise but Crawford would be a really interesting fit in St louis.

The Yankees have no room or need. They need pitching. Hughes, Clippard, AND Wang? That's absurd. I'd rather have Wang than Crawford as it is, and he makes 1/20th of his salary.

Trading one top SP prospect could be reasonable. I don't know if Hirsh has really true ace (as in one of the top pitchers in baseball) potential. I think I'd deal him for Crawford if I'm the Astros. Probably some of the other guys you mentioned as well.

What I would do is try and trade Baldelli and Dukes. Then move Upton out to CF or shift Crawford over. The White Sox need a center fielder and they also have two good young third baseman they could part with. A trade of Baldelli for Crede or Fields would work well for both sides and they could fill it in with minor prospects each way to even it out.

Dukes could be an interesting case as he could really use a change of scenery. The only downside is it is a sell low situation right now. But you could probably get a #3 type starter for him. If the DRays make the right moves they could be real competitive down the line. They have some very good pitching working there way up. Really the only spot where they dont have an abundance of prospects is in the bullpen and catching. Maybe trade Dukes to LAA for whichever catcher the Angels decide isnt in there future plans.

At the AJC blog, speculation that the Braves might dangle Kyle Davies and Jerrod Saltalamacchia for Crawford. Might not be enough to get Crawford, but he could give the Braves a different alternative if they can't re-sign Andruw.

Kyle, I like the Sox trade. But what's wrong with Navarro?

I don't think Davies and Saltalmacchia is enough. Do the Rays really need a catcher?

What about trading Upton? Is he untouchable? I've been completely unimpressed so far. Of course he's got the potential but he could be one of those guys that takes 4 years in the ML to reach it. By then, their chance could be gone.

I think Upton will rake as soon as he gets comfortable defensively. I think he could be a very good center fielder. Right now he has only had 150 at bats. To look at positives he has stolen 10 bases already that profiles as like 35 over a season. I could see Upton hitting .280 with 20-25 homers and 30-40 steals. If he can learn how to play CF that would be awesome, if he could learn to play third that would be even better

I'm surprised no one's mentioned Crawford for Lance Broadway, McCulloch, Haeger or McCarthy.

I think Kenny Williams has made it clear that McCarthy WILL NOT be traded.
Crawford to the Astros makes a little sense since:
a) Lane is horrible now
b) Taveras is more of a 2nd hitter than leadoff man
c) Houston is Crawford's home town
d) Gerry Hunsinger (former Astros GM now with D-Rays) knows the Astros farm system pretty well and may get a few diamonds in the rough if a trade goes down.
After all he did trade Huff to Houston for some nobodys.

Aside from Injury risk, I don't see how Kuo is overrated. unless you havn't watch him since he began to start. he has been dominant in 3 of 4 start and the other one he struck out 8 in 5.1 inning and half the runs he gave up were due to inherited runner scoring..

But either way, we all agree that Dodgers don't need Crawford anyway. they need a corner infielder or two and some reliable and durable relievers.

Astros wouldn't make a whole lot of sense either consider that they have so much money comming off the books they should just go out and sign FAs.

Rockies might make some sense but the asking price seems way too high, they would probably be more willing to trade less guys for Rocco...

As for the White Sox, Posdenik is much more likely to move on than Anderson next year, either way yeah they need a OF, but still, I'd think they'd be more serious about getting some more relievers first...

I'm not sure why everyone thinks Carl Crawford is going to come that cheap? One top pitching prospect? At LEAST two, and three seems more likely. Scouts still seem to think Hughes' numbers are better than his upside, and guys of Crawford's stature are not traded for just one very good prospect.

I don't think Hirsh is that good either. If the Astros can dupe the Rays out of Crawford by dangling Hirsh, Albers, and maybe another guy, by all means do it, it's a steal.

Why do Braves fans always seem, even more so than the Yankees, unreasonably in love with their own prospect. Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Kyle Davies? Ooooooh! Maybe they can throw in Joey Devine too! Give me a break.

Crede is too close to making real money to get traded to the Rays. Do they have a need for Fields? McCulloch can't be traded until the next draft. Broadway not my favorite prospect, Haeger's kind of a pain with that knuckleball.

Kuo's minor league numbers don't wow me.

I think your undervaluing pitching prospects. In todays game young home grown pitching is the most valuable thing in baseball. I understand that Crawford is very good but look at what the Marlins got for Beckett, a very good pitching prospect a very good position prospect and some young project arms. Beckett was a 25 year old pitcher I would say his value was a little higher than Crawfords. Two very good prospects and some young project types will probably be the deal.

With regards to Hughes I have no idea where you get your information. Baseballamerica who is rather scout heavy has touted him as the top pitching prospect in the minors. He throws three plus pitches with plus control. If you want a guy whos numbers are better than his scouting report look at Gallardo of the Brewers. But Bailey and Hughes are the two top minor league pitchers.

I was thinking of some possible scenarios today. How about Baldelli to the Rockies for Garret Atkin. They have Ian Stewart waiting in the wings and Atkins will give the DRay's a third baseman which they could need. Imagine a starting lineup of Crawford, Upton, Young, Atkins, Breignac, Longoria, Gomes, Cantu, and the catcher whos name I cant remember. That team could hit with the best of em. If some of there young arms come around the DRays could be a competitor in 2008

For pitching prospects god damn it.... stop with the crede, and atkins, and other crap suggestions. The only way crawford would get moved for ONE pitching prospect anyways would be crawford for Homer Bailey, or Jon Lester or someone like that. None of this Hirsch and another toolbox deals.

Well I believe all Braves fans would agree with me that it would be nice to see the name "Crawford" on the back of the guy who hits first for Atlanta in every game.

When I heard Andrew "Andy the Clown" Freidman said that every player is avaiable and there is no such thing as an untouchable player, I feel like I want to punch him in the face. That Freidman is a clueless VP of baseball operations. Why let a guy that has no front office experience to run a baseball team. That should be Gerry Hunsicker's job, not Friedman. The Devil Rays should never trade your cornerstone players you can build your team around like Crawford, Baldelli, Young, Cantu, Gomes, Navarro, Kazmir, Shields, and young players like Longoria, Riggans, Niemann, Talbot, Brignac, Sonnanstaine, Hammel, Seddon, Switzer, Henderson, and Salas. See if you get something for Upton, McClung, Orvella, Dukes and Waecther. Why did the Devil Rays fire hitting coach Steve Henderson? In 1998, the team was last in every offensive category and he is doing it again in 2006. He makes no adjustments for the hitters. Don't trade Crawford and get junk for him. Crawford is a superstar; just like Tori Hunter of the Twins. I believe the Rays are going to be like the Minnesota Twins and the Oakland A's.

Crawford is probably one of the most exciting young players in baseball. He's only 25 and has been in the big show for about 5 years. Houston, Chi Sox, and the Cardinals will probably have the most intrest. I could see the cards trading Anthony Reyes, and two good AA pitchers for Crawford. Anything more than that is crazy.

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