And The Offseason Begins

The Cardinals have been crowned the unlikely world champs, so now it’s time for all baseball fans to offically focus on 2007.  Here’s a roundup of the latest rumors.

With the Tigers’ season over, the consensus among local papers seems to be that they will trade some of their excess starting pitching for a slugger, possibly a first baseman.  Some folks think Jeremy Bonderman‘s postseason performance (3.10 ERA in 20 innings) was a sign that he will take it to the next level in ’07.  Others think it’s time to trade him with his value so high.  Possible trade targets:  Mark Teixeira, Todd Helton, Richie Sexson, Adam Dunn, Manny Ramirez, and Pat Burrell.  It’s certainly feasible that Brandon Inge, Nate Robertson, or Craig Monroe could be included in a trade.

We’ll know by November 11th whether Aramis Ramirez will become a free agent.  Right now, he’s not close to a deal with the Cubs.  While Ramirez’s current deal is often cited as two years and $22.5MM, the third year is pretty easily guaranteed at $11MM.  He just needs to play 270 games over the first two seasons.  We hear a lot about the Dodgers and Angels as Ramirez’s suitors.  The Dodgers would force top prospect Andy LaRoche to move from third base if they sign Ramirez.  Other teams that could have interest: the Orioles, Red Sox, Tigers, Rangers, Giants, and Padres. 

The Sheffield Saga continues, with the Astros and Indians entering the mix.  A one-year rental from the Tribe would be a great fit in my mind.

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