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Found via RotoWorldCurt Schilling yesterday confirmed that Manny Ramirez "wants out of Boston."  So that’s one roadblock out of the way – at least the does in fact desire a trade.

Meanwhile, Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe has a full update.  He expects that Manny is going to want more money whether via his options exercised or just a contract extension.  Theo Epstein is mum, but Edes says that the Sox have not spoken to the Dodgers on the topic.  Edes mentions that the Padres are interested. 

Murray Chass at the New York Times brings up the Mets, Giants, Padres, Rangers, Phillies, and Orioles as the suitors, naming Baltimore as a good fit.  He says that last year the Orioles tried getting Jon Papelbon in a Manny deal and couldn’t pull it off. 

Finally, from Buster Olney this morning in his blog:

"Heard that the Red Sox are kicking around specific names in their trade talks for Manny Ramirez, and that they feel they are going to get a good deal for Ramirez — if a deal is completed. To reiterate: If the Dodgers decide they want Ramirez, they will almost certainly get him because they have the most to offer."

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