Olney: Schmidt Is Yanks’ Plan B

If the Yankees don’t win the Daisuke Matsuzaka sweepstakes, which pitcher becomes the top target?  According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, it will be 34 year-old free agent Jason Schmidt.  Said Olney in his blog:

"I’ve heard the Yankees’ Plan B, if they don’t get Matsuzaka, will be the pursuit of Jason Schmidt. Talked to his agent the other day, and he said that any perception that Schmidt is devoted to the idea of playing close to his home in Washington is ‘completely inaccurate’ and that he hasn’t ruled out any team, in any time zone."

Schmidt brings more risk than Barry Zito in the long term, but projects to be worth about 4.8 wins next year according to Baseball Prospectus.  BP sees Zito as a 4.2 win player in ’07.  While we’re at it, here are some other projected WARPs for free agent starters:

Clemens – 4.9
Glavine – 2.3
Padilla – 2.7
Mussina – 3.4
Maddux – 3.4
Pettitte – 4.9
Meche – 1.5
Lilly – 2.1
Weaver – 3.5
Suppan – 2.9
Williams – 2.1
Eaton – 2.3
Wolf – 2.6
Mulder – 3.6
Batista – 0.9

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