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Philly Daily News: Burrell/Benitez Swap?

I think Giants fans have been pondering this trade for a while: Pat Burrell to the Giants for Armando BenitezBut now Marcus Hayes tells us that Burrell would be willing to waive his no-trade clause to play for San Francisco.  Hayes indicates that Burrell could move back to first base for the Giants.  Benitez would go to the Phillies as "bullpen help."

If it were just a true swap of these two players and their inflated salaries, it's a big win for the Giants.  They weren't counting on much from Benitez anyway, so if you subtract his salary you are essentially getting Burrell for two years, $20MM.  As maligned as Burrell is, he's only 30 and he's posted an .890 OPS for two years running.  Yes, Burrell was bad with RISP this season (153 AB sample).  Why you shouldn't read too much into that sample: he hit .313/.429/.598 with RISP in 2005.

Benitez, I don't think will bounce back.  His top comparables, Scott Sullivan and Jose DeLeon, didn't make it much past age 34.  Still, if payroll flexibility is what Pat Gillick is after, one year and $7.6MM sounds a lot better than two years and $27MM.


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I really think Philadelphia can do better than that. If anything, I say Gillick should hold out for a little while and see who loses out on some of the key FA's and then try working out a trade.

No way. If Giants want Burrell, they have to give us Bonds and Schmidt. Otherwise no deal. I'll throw in Aaron Rowand if that's what they want

I'm no fan of Benitez either, but comparing a guy with 280 saves to the mighty Jose DeLeon seems a little harsh. At least Benitez never went 2-19.

Makes a lot of sense if the Phils are planning on committing left field and the 2o mil saved toward Soriano.

Bonds and Schmidt? When was the last time you were updated on baseball?

They might be old, but they still put up big numbers.


I agree but I think the Phils should see if they can get Robb Nen and Moises Alou as well.

You do realize that Bonds and Schmidt aren't technically Giants right now.


Nen is retired stupid

Dont even waste your time on Burrellfan777, there is not one bigger idiot then that guy.

Now my take on the trade. This is a great deal for both teams. Giants need some power and Burrell can fill that need. Phils need to dump Burrell to make room for Soriano or Sheffeild. This will free $5M for the Phils to persue Akinori Iwamura for 3rd base. Benitez could be used in a Cormier role where he can come in and get 1 or 2 outs and be out of the game. Doesn't have to be overused. I highly doubt they will use him as a setup guy. If he can be healthy, this is a great move for both teams. I think it might be a done deal. Even the Giants are on record of saying they would be willing to pay Benitez's salary, they won't in this deal.

burrell, wreck... If you're not following free agents or retirees, then don't bother making wild trade proposals...

It's dumber than that person who suggested Phillies SIGN Tejada and Willis... Do us all a favorm try to pretend you know what you're talking about...

Phillies fans.. how would you feel about a swap of Mike Lowell for Burrell? Phillies clear some salary (admittedly, Lowell isn't cheap, but still much more affordable than Burrell), get a great defensive 3B with a still useful bat. Red Sox slide Youkilis to 3B, put Burrell at 1B, and get a respectable bat to hit behing Manny that they missed so badly this year.

I honestly think Manny has seen his last game in a Sox uniform. I hope Im wrong...my fear is The sox think having Burell hitting behind Ortiz will be acceptable. The sox need to find a way to make the Andruw Jones trade happen. Or overpay for Soriano.

I'd still love to see the Mets pounce on this opportunity. I agree that Heilman is too much to send just for Burrell, but would they consider something like Bannister + Owens/Lindstrom?

Schmidt, Bonds, Nen? We're all just joking around here, right?

I believe wreckard was being sarcastic in response to burrellfan's post. As for Manny, I very much think he'll be back next year. There aren't enough teams with the money and the prospects it would take to acquire Manny's bat.

I never thought of the Lowell-Burrell idea. As a Sox fan, I like it a ton, though I think the Phils might want some pitching in exchange for Burrell, since they would be pursuing an offensive replacement shortly thereafter (Soriano, Sheffield, etc.). But to think of Burrell as our fifth batter behind Manny.... that'd be great. Money's a factor though.

guys, philly cannot do better, it isnt about talent at this point, it is about freeing up room to make a big free agent sigining, not the talent u will get in return, i say the phillies make this trade, hopefully for them sure up the pen a little bit, and free up some money (im not sure of benitez' salary, so im not entirely sure what they would be saving if they get the giants to pick up burrels remaining contract)

philly rocks good point, burrel777 your lucky roto just scolded me for being mean to people lol or i would let u have it because that was jus not a very smart thing to say.
Do you not realize the phills have been trying to unload burrel for about a year plus now, and it doesnt make any difference in the world who they get back, benitez would be a plus if he could revert to anything close to his old form. Do you realize that burrel didnt even play the last 2 months of the season unless a lefty was pitching. Let him go this team belongs to howard rollins and utley.

jerseymet, i kind of like the way burrel in queens sounds but im not sure. I dont know if i like it simply because burrel has absolutely owned the mets like not other for his whole career, or the fact he loves to hit at shea(also terrorizes the mets in philly) but i think you are right he can fit in sort of like an upgraded nady from last year to bat 6 or 7 in the lineup
good idea


Burrell is so much better than Benitez it isn't even close. Phils should throw in Rowand before he hurts himself or another teammate again. Better yet, trade him to a roller derby team, keep Burrell. Problem solved.

Vandelay--I love the Burrell-for-Lowell idea. Lowell is a huge upgrade for the Phils at third from Nunez, and he's inked for just a year. Even if the Phils sent a little money back to Boston (no more than $3-4MM), I'd be all over that. Make it so!

I could not see that happening, but if it did I would be incredibly thrilled.

Burrell probbly would waiveh is clause to play in SF (He's a local guy), but the Phillies could porbably get more, even with Burrell's heavy contract.

This is a BAD deal for the Phillies. You can get more for Burrell. Seriously, when Carlos Lee is going to get at least 5/70, Soriano at least 16 million a year for 5 to 6 years, why is Pat Burrell at 2 years, $25 million such a bad deal? It isn't. I'd rather have Pat Burrell for 2 years at that price than Carlos Lee for 5/70. Carlos Lee plays defense as badly as Burrell does, perhaps worse, and Carlos Lee is getting fatter every day. Once Lee gets past about age 32 I don't like his chances of staying the field. In a year where Julio Lugo is looking at 4-5 years, $11-12 million a year, Pat Burrell for 2/25 is a bad deal? No way, no way. Come on, somebody try and argue this with me, I'd like to see it.

Burrell is worth more than Benitez. Benitez is pure dead weight. When he's not injured, he's totally ineffective.

Firstly, the Lowell for Burrell thing is idiotic. Why why why would you trade a deteriorating 3rd baseman with no power and a good glove for Burrell. Trade Burrell and Rowand to the White Sox for Freddie Garcia and Scott Posednik. Stick Posednik in center, Victorino in right and sign Soriano for left. ( Think the Sox won't go for it). Look at Brian Anderson's stats last year and I bet Ken Williams would. Then trade Lieber for the best offer ( which won't be much ). You have saved money by getting rid of Burrell, improved your pitching, gotten a toss up in center and made Lieber ( our supposed ace) expendable.

I forgot to mention that Benitez for Burrell is probably one of the worst moves that could be made. Benitez is absolutely garbage this day in age. Even if he could stay healthy, I wouldn't have him closing over Gordon. 7.2 mil is a lot of money for a arthritic right knee, a bad attitude, a wild 95 mph fastball and a year of inconsistency. I'd rather have Burrell.

Allaboutthephils. It would be more then Burrell for Benitez. It would be Burrell for Benitez plus $6M. That $6M will allow the Phils to get Akinori Iwamura to play 3B. So now it would be a Burell for Benitez and Iwamura. For the Boston fans, that would take the RSox out of the picture. As for the Met fan. HAHA. you aren't getting nothing from Philly. LOL. Although I would like to see Bannister, the Phil have some pretty good pitching prospects.

Yeah um Burrellfan777 don't be calling people retard when your saying that the Giants should trade two players they don't even have signed right now.

Wow this is a trade that both fans compltly hate and fills a need with the other team. It looks like a done deal. Giants enjoy an inflated contract firstbase Burrel who will hit .270 with 25-30 hrs. Phillies enjoy an experience reliver with a closing past and can set-up for gordon. Why are both team complaining anyway isnt everyone filling need with each other anyway???

Hey A100,
If I want your advice on the best condiment to use to flavor my steak, I'll let you know. Otherwise how about you leave the baseball talk to me.

Here is some issue's with Burrellfan. First of all anyone named Burrellfan is not to smart on baseball.

LOL have fun.

Off-season moves by Burrellfan777...

1. Re-sign our 1st baseman
2. Re-sign our 2nd basman
3. Re-sign David Dellucci
4. Release Lieberthal
5. Release all pitchers but Hamels, Mathieson, Madson, Myers, Gordon, MAYBE Rhodes
6. Attempt to re-sign Wolf, and instead sign Barry Zito or Dontrelle Willis
7. Sign Tejada to 3rd base
8. Sign Soriano to the outfield
9. Keep Chris Coste our starting catcher
10. Release Aaron Rowand for what happened with Chase Utley
11. Release Charlie Manuel for being a horrible manager (07)

Wow sounds like the next Biily Beane. Burrellfan777 must have a good point somewhere( the phillies need some type of drastic change for the next step). Im not to into bashing poeple who accutaly take their time to leave their personal opion. No matter how off they might be.

Firstly, the Phils will not get Iwamura. The Phils want more power. Try Mark DeRosa or Wes Helms. Slap hitters with decent gloves are a dime a dozen. Iwamura is more suited to play second in the majors. This is why most people predict him to go to the Mets, Padres, or Indians. I would rather dump Burrell for some mid level prospects, eat 6 million dollars of his contract and go sign Danys Baez or Joe Borowski. Burrell is a very productive player on the grand scale of todays market. 25 mil for 2 years in todays mlb for a .270 30 100 guy who can field decently and has a good arm is a steal. With that said I would still like to see him traded because he has gone horribly sour in Philly. I just don't want to see Benitez in the deal.

Wes Helms(58 HR in 1602 Career AB)/ Mark DeRosa (38 HR in 1643 Career AB)
Iwamura easily has more power then these two.

Pat Burrel is overpayed, and look at his numbers. If he is so good, then why did he sit basically the whole second half of the season, and was reduced to only playing against lefties. The fact is, looking at it from an unbiased point of view, Burrel can only hit against the mets plain and simple. Look at the abreu deal, why is nobody complaining about that? Abreu is soooooooooooo much better of a player then burrel. Sooooooooooooooo much better. That turned out ok didnt it. Dont you all realize by getting rid of burrel is the only real chance you have to compete, as a met fan, id love to see him stay. Hes earning way more money then hes worth, and as long as the phils have him their not goin anywhere. Once they get rid of him it opens all kinds of options up. Allaboutthephils, and burrelfan, stop embarrasing yourselves, why dont u go meet up and make a little burrel fan club and worship him alone. The thing you dont seem to be grasping is, giving away burrel for free would be an amazing deal for you guys. And dental plan, carlos lee may be "getting fatter by the day, but last time i checked, he stole 19 bases this year, and also last time i checked, that was 19 more bases then burrel stole. I can relate to having a personal like for the guy because you are phillie fans, but come onthis is getting ridiculous, Pat burrelisnt all your making him up to be. Again, I will repeat, trading burrel is not a move to improve the talent of the team with that trade, it is a move to create more room to spend money, to improve the team in other ways, via free agency , or via a trade. All you guys keep talking about how the phils should sign soriano, guess what, no chance of that if big pat isnt gone

russel good post exactly my thoughts, everyone wins in this deal

one more quick question for all the phillie fans hating on aaron rowand. Why? He has the biggest heart on your team, plays his ass off every single day, is willing to sacrifice his skull to make a catch, goes balls to the wall every single time he steps on that field, you guys are all nuts. I will take that guy on my team any day of the week. A hard nosed player with heart, a good teamate, and a guy who just wants to win. Whats not to love

burrel fan, u make a really good point, trade away your hardest working guy for and keep the guy making like 18 mil or whatever who doesnt do anything but strikeout, burrel isnt worth anything with that contract lol, its not burrel i dont like, its the money hes tying up that could be used to make the team better, which is why i said before, keep him, thats one less team for the mets to have to worry about it, and go ahead get rid of rowand, lets see who runs down that flyball in center and saves a 3 run triple when your playen the mets next year lol. sounds good to me

Anyone that lives in Philadelphia knows that they can't bring back Burrell. They aren't going to get much for him even if they pay a part of his salary. Whatever anyone is offering I would take, the guy is terrible and it's only going to get worse if he is around next year. On the field and in the stands.

thankk you rogers what ive been trying to say, but burrelfan up there isnt gona agree with ya lol

You Poor Philly Fans... The Phillies never win the "Big Ticket" free agents. So get your minds off Soriano, Omar will out bid you, AGAIN!

Burrell isn't done in Philly. I think it is an overreaction and a hot start from Pat will quiet alot of it. Even Burrell's bad season was above League average. I think we should try to trade him but not just fire sale him. Benitez is their starting point but they have to come up with more. I think Armando has a Urbina type season with the Phils if he does play here. Hopefully he doesn't follow that with an Urbina offseason for his sake.

Yeah, Aaron Rowand is all well and good till he crashes into the wall or into a more valuable teammate. Let the giants have him so he can do his crash routine into the brick walls and barry bonds. And for all you fools out there who would trade Burrell for Benitez are crazy! Don't talk to me about money. We have plenty of money. You guys must get paid by Pat Gillick to do his damage control. This is rediculous!

Anyone talking about Rowand as being a bad guy for this team is fuckin crazy. Anyone that knows baseball would realize what he means to a team not only on the field (he is one of the best fielding CF in the league) but in the clubhouse as well. Anyone who ever played with the guy talks about how great of a teammate he is and how much of a leader he is (which this team has seriously lacked over the last--oh 13 years!) Why do you think the White Sox have wanted him back since the day they traded him? In Philly we like our players running into walls to catch a ball, we like the all out style of play. The whole arguement of running into and hurting a teammate is foolish. If you knew what you were talkin about you would understand that.

Tuffy Rhodes hit fifty homers in Japan. Iwamura is a sexy name that you heard somewhere on tv and you've joined the bandwagon. Think on your own and do some research. 1st Iwamura is a left handed hitter ( we don't need any more lefties in our lineup). 2nd he is a slap hitter in the majors. 3rd he is going to cost 8 mil a year.

If the phillies pull th trigger on the Burrell for Benitez. Benitez is going to get flip to the reds for J.Valetin(c)/T.Coffey(rp) OR J.Estarda(c)/Lyon(rp). So why are the phillies complianing about somebody they wont keep.

I don't think the Phils will get Iwamura. I think he has more power then D ro and Wes Helms as neither of them would be described as power hitters.

Also he fields better then either of the 2 and is suited to play full time unlike either of the 2 you named.

Having too many lefties isn't that big a deal when our 2 best bats have hit so well against lefties this past year. .281(Howard) .301(Utley) Heard the facts right here about Iwamura so, I'll take Roto's stats as research enough for me.

Why did the Phils trade away Abreu ? Why did they trade for Conine last year ? Why is Burrell inconsistency SUCH a big distraction for the Phils? Because the Phillies were too left handed in their lineup last year. Without consistent right handed protection in the lineup, Howard and Utley will have good but not spectacular years. RUSSELL, if the Phils were to swap Benitez for Todd Coffey and Javier Valentin or for Johnny Estrada and Brandon Lyon. Pat Gillick would be a genius. I like the sound of essentially having Burrell swapped for those two rather than Benitez and Iwamura. As for DeRosa, I always liked from when he started out in Atlanta. He has some pop. He isn't Aramis or anything but he is descent. And a hell of alot cheaper than Iwamura will be. DeRosa makes 675 k this coming up season. I would take that over the 8 mil a year Iwamura is presumed to be making next year.

First of all Iwamura is going to cost around $5-6M. Not $8M. 2nd, too many lefties huh. Howard and Utley were the only LH batters in the lineup after Abreu was traded. The only issue about LH batters was because the 2,3,5 were LH with Burrell in the 4th. If every went as planned with Soriano and Iwamura the lineup would be


How is this too left handed.

And for those who hate Rowand because he ran into Utly, you morons, Rowand fell into a hole and that is why they collided. Get the facts straight people

well when you have a lineup that has rollins, rowand, abreu, burrell, utley, howard, lieberthal, and bell there isnt much right handed protection in that lineup. Look at the yankees or the red sox. Look at the white sox or the reason the Tigers lost the world series.The Tigers were too right handed in their lineup and got exposed. You need a balance of left handed and right handed power to give your lineup a top to bottom chance each night against the tougher pitchers in the league. The Yankees have Giambi, Abreu, Damon, and Matsui. But,they also have ( had ) Sheffield, A-Rod, and Jeter. The Red Sox are the same Ramirez and Papi. The White Sox went after Thome for that reason. The same reason the Tigers went after Sean Casey last year. They want balance. Maybe Iwamura will be the next Brooks Robinson over there at third. But, I wouldn't count on it. By the way, the Padres have made Iwamura their numero 1 priority this offseason according to foxsports. So, it might be a mute point. Plus, according to this web site. Iwamura should get a 3 year 24 mil deal. Which rounds out to 8 mil a year. That doesn't include the 10 to 15 mil bid that it will take to lock up the rights to negotiate with him.

Yeah, but then is then and now is now. Abreu, Lieberthal, will not be here.


I see 3 LH hitters in the lineup. thats not alot. Utley and Howard also tear up Lefties.

I saw on other sites that he will get $6M. Even if the Burrell/Benitez trade happens they still save $6M of that. They have $30M to spend, not including unloading Burrell.
Padres just kept Branyan and why would Iwamura go to Cleve. and change positions. Phillies are a east coast team and are probably the best fit for Iwamura.

Here is what I found on Iwamura

Japanese third baseman Akinori Iwamura, who also has experience at second base and center field, is set to be posted on Monday.

Iwamura's rights could cost at least $5 million and he'd likely require $4 million-$5 million per year to sign. The Padres, Indians, Phillies and Red Sox are among those thought to be interested. The Red Sox could use him at third if Mike Lowell is traded or second if he isn't.

That does not sound to overpriced to me.


It's time to face facts. Rowand is a clutz. If this was the 70s, he'd be a roller derby champ but in baseball running into people is frowned upon. Also, he can't hit (the basebal)

I'll take Aaron Rowand on my team any day.

Burrellfan please find out facts before you post. you make yourself look like a complete idiot on this board and the phillies.com board. Please learn something before you post something.

As would I. Rowand is an absolute animal when it comes to laying it all out. He is Dykstra and Rose rolled into one. He definately doesn't have the most talent or the best bat, but he hussles and earns his money everyday. People who understand baseball realize that the Rowands, Ecksteins, Polancos and Ryan Freels of baseball won't win you championships by themselves but, you can't win without them either. His stats aren't the sexiest but he gives you 110%. If Burrell had Rowand's tenacity, he would be one of the best players in baseball.

Why not attempt to pry away Lidge from the Astros ? Bonafide stopper in this league and should be for years to come. Houston needs some right handed pop in their lineup and they need a first baseman. Houston let me present PAT " THE BAT" BURRELL...

aarond rowand come play for the mets if these philly fans dont respect u lol, i will take u man, but any allaboutthephils i disagree with one thing the tigers lost the WS because their pitchers kept throwing the ball into the outfield and giving up unearned runs, and i agree they got exposed , but lefty or righty, thats the risk u run when almost your whole team lives and dies by the longball

anyway for all the grief the NL got for being the inferior league last year, NL east looken pretty good huh?

(not saying the AL wasnt much much better, kinda funny how the worst team in the playoffs won the world series right. Jimmy Leyland even said it much earlier in the year, the best team doesnt win the world series, the team with the hottest starting pitchers come playoff time wins it, Weaver Suppan Reyes, Carpenter)

Nobody's pitching was as hot as Detroit was in the playoffs. The reality of it was that Detroit lost because they were too good in the playoffs. All that rest is what beat them.

Nah, the Tigers just got shut down by timely pitching. Also, they don't live by the long ball. In fact, that's probably the one weakness they had on offense: no intimidating power bat in the meat of the order (Maggs and Pudge won't cut it for that role).

As for the Lidge-Burrell thing, don't go counting on Lidge to be nasty for years to come. His fastball dropped like 5 MPH this year and he had to rely too much on his slider. If someone grabs him and he returns to 2005 form, it's a huge steal. I'm hoping the Sox might take a gamble, I remember we showed interest in him at the trade deadline.

i live in san francisco and benitez is/was the worst thing ever to happen to the giants. He has a FAT contract and he is on the dl for most of the year. But when he isnt on the dl he is blowing saves left and right and blaming it on his teammates. if the giants were to get burrell it would be a great move becuase i would trade benitez for 100 bucks and a box of baseballs

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