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Projecting Akinori Iwamura

Jeff Sackmann has a fine article up over at the Hardball Times that attempts to project Akinori Iwamura in the Majors for 2007.  Read it, please.

Jeff runs also  Brew Crew Ball among other sites; check it out.

In case you missed it, Jeff is going to be filling in for me on MLBTradeRumors when I leave for my honeymoon next week.  I just had my bachelor party last night at Sluggers.  Dueling pianos and batting cages!  I'm pretty surprised I wrote as much as I did today given the hangover and whatnot.  Bachelor parties are cool; you should each have several of your own.  Every time you finish your beer someone is handing you a new one...and you don't have to pay for it! 

We've also got more first-rate bloggers who are going to pop in with guest posts while I'm gone (Larry from Viva El Birdos, Tom from CubDumb, Greg from SportsBlah, Jake from Bucco Blog, and so forth).  I think the site is going to be very cool while I'm away.

Many thanks to all those who wrote in volunteering to help me out.  About 90 people inquired!  As always I was overwhelmed by all the exceptional writers willing to assist.  In addition to my friends who will be guest-blogging, I'm going to ask a handful of these applicants to contribute one guest post each.  Should be good times.


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Interesting article indeed. This makes me like Iwamura a tad less, not because I don't think he'll be a decent player. But the general picture is that if the Indians get him, he'll be playing in the outfield. Although I guess anything is better than Jason Michaels in left.

'Dueling pianos and batting cages!'

I imagine pristine convenience... conservatively dressed women hacking away in the cages and pounding the keys. They'd play Foghat and Dvorak and i'd awake from my drunken stupor to find a rose on my chest.

Does anyone else have that dream?

I don't like Japanese infielders. Kaz Matsui really killed their reputation in my eyes. Are his numbers in Japan any better than Iguchi's?

He was better than Iguchi in terms of power and ability to hit for average.

He's obviously worse with the strikeout rate and stolen bases though.

Even with the average projection he offers for Iwamura, I like him. I mean, if you can depend on that year in and year out from a guy who's what, 27? And plays gold glove defense? I'll take a .350 OBP and .450 slugging, sure. Seems like a perfect fit for Cleveland; not only do they need a corner infielder with a glove, but someone who can bat #2 in the order. Not only would they not lose valuable pitching in a trade, but he should be relatively cheap, leaving almost the entire offseason budget for Shapiro to spend on relief arms at will.


He's certainly cheaper than JD Drew.

I think I've officially become the Cheering Section for Iwamura.

I still am baffled on why the Phillies would rather have DeRosa / Helms / Aurillia than Iwamura. unless they have a serious 3B prospect that i'm missing?

I'm not baffled but I think they're not looking at getting the best guy. I've been a proponent of Aki too Nick. He seems like the best baseball player that you could stick at 3B with Aramis re-signing.

I think a 280-300 hitter with a good glove is all the Phils need. Any power is aided by the park and is gravy. Sadly I smell a weak platoon.

I'm sorry I meant to say "corner outfielder." Marte and Garko should remain in their respective positions, and Iwamura's already said to be willing to play the OF, where the Indian's lone position hole lies. Hence the JD Drew comment.

Yeah, I hope JD Drew gets shafted like Bonzi Wells did. I hate greedy baseball players.

Then i guess you hate about 97 percent of all athletes.
Its all about money kid
where have u been?
What makes jd drew greedy anyway, cuz he opted out of his option. Thats why its called an option. Im assuming your just a disgruntled dodger fan mad at him cuz he left, but who am i to assume

Redsox have serious interest in this guy.

If they bid 45M on matsuzaka, imagine what they'd bid on this guy.

I say they bid 10M for Iwamura, just to make sure they get him. It doesn't count against the payroll, and owning NESN gives them money aboove and beyond baseball revenue, so what the heck.

Anyways, the Redsox need a long-term answer at 3B, and want to dump Lowells salary in a trade.

You know thrillhouse and Yu Hsing Chen, I have been reading that the Phillies actually made a bid for Iwamura on many different sites. I don't how accurate that is, but it's at least encouraging. There is one thing about Pat Gillick that we really haven't experienced yet as Phillies fans.( With the Jim Thome trade exception).When he makes a splash, we generally don't know about it till the moment it happens. Don't be suprised if he has something up his sleeve.

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