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Phillies Close On Barajas

Excitement...the Phillies are close to signing 31 year-old catcher Rod Barajas.  Rodrigo can't get on base to save his life, but he's shown above average power for his position in the past (though not last year).

Barajas was middle-of-the-pack at throwing out attempted thieves this year (33%).  Last year he was seventh in baseball at 34%.  He should be a worthy adversary for Jose Reyes.

Barajas backed out of a verbal agreement with the Blue Jays earlier this winter after switching back to Dan Lozano as his agent.


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I'm OK with this as long as he starts 2 games per week. I think Ruiz is a much better option and a ton of upside offensively.

i love that...he can't get on base to save his life..so true though. at least they got a backup catcher.

are there actually any philly fans out there that would care that barajas is going to be on their team? Oh where have you gone Lenny Dykstra?

"He should be a worthy adversary for Jose Reyes."

We already have a worthy adversary for Reyes.

"Oh where have you gone Lenny Dykstra?"
????????is that the last time you heard any news about the Phil's...but if you must know, he owns a very successful chain of car wash facilities in California.

Whos your worthy advesary for Reyes? Its so hard to throw him out you have to have a quick pitcher to the plate, and quick catcher and a perfect throw. The exciting thing about reyes is he isnt even that good of a basestealer yet. He doesnt get very good jumps at this point he is just outrunning the ball to the base. He can be shut down by a team of like Carpenter and Yadi, but that is one of the best combos there is at not allowing steals.

I can't believe I just used the word 'we' instead of - THE PHILLIES already have a worthy adversary for Reyes.

Is Coste going back to the minors ?? I know they won't carry three catchers on the big league roster.... I don't think a 34 year old, career minor league catcher will have a whole lot of value on the trade market... But, that's why Im not a gm

'He should be a worthy adversary for Jose Reyes.'

Keep Jose out of this...

Coste is going to be the 3rd C/25th man on the roster and be used as the primary pinch hitter. He's always been a good hitter, but expecting an .850 OPS from him in 2007, if he was catching 3 days a week, is pie in the sky stuff. Allow him to focus on hitting, he'll be fine.

maybe Cole Hamels+Barajas could do the trick

Hamels+Barajas does what trick ???

u know the whole converstaion about Reyes.

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