Hope Of Renewing Helton Talks?

According to Jeff Horrigan of the Boston Herald, the Red Sox and Rockies did not speak yesterday and Boston has no intention of restarting negotations regarding Todd Helton.

On the other hand, Buster Olney recalled yesterday the deals for Chuck Knoblauch, Roger Clemens, and Ken Griffey Jr.  All of the trade talks were supposedly dead but renewed later in spring.  It seems that the Red Sox and Rockies weren’t terribly far apart, so if one side decides to give a little they could still figure out a deal.  The Red Sox appear to be in the catbird seat, so I think the Rox would have to make further concessions.  Maybe after Theo settles down with his new wife he’ll get re-engaged.

Of course, Helton could squash the whole idea with his no-trade clause.

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