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Thomson Had Some Words

John Thomson had some interesting things to say in his press conference today.

On Paul Lo Duca:

"As far as just looking at Paul Lo Duca across the field, I'm not really into how he acts behind the plate."

Unfortunately, the Mets and Blue Jays won't meet in interleague this year to create a showdown.

On the Mets' and Jays' outfields:

"And then with Vernon Wells in center field, I'm not really concerned about the outfield with him out there. ... Just watching the Mets' outfield, if Cliff Floyd is still there it's not a real good fit for him out there. He can hit the ball, but as far as defense, he's a little shaky."

The thing is, the Mets have a guy in center field, goes by the name of Beltran...he's not too shabby with the glove.  Other thing is, Floyd is a free agent and won't be back with the Mets.  Still, in general, the Jays do have a better defensive outfield than the Mets.  Mostly because of Shawn Green.

Thomson says his shoulder is OK now, and can earn $4MM with incentives.


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weird. I hope he gets along with the other Jays pitchers, I think he will. But I think Lo Duca and Burnett are friends, as Lo Duca really liked as AJ as a pitcher. Odd that he'd go against Cliff Floyd, but anyway, he's right about liking what's going on with Toronto anyway.

lol, Fuck John Thomson, making it sound like he would be doing the Mets a favor by coming here. Oh NO! Get Rid of Loduca and Beltran fast so we can get John Thomsons ass in here!!! Gimme a fucking break

Wow JP really likes players that talk shit. Kind of like himself.

John Thomson who???.. Who cares about fags like him.. he should stop pitching and go climb a treee.. stupid fuckkk

Let me start off by saying I personally do not like Paul Loduca at all... but since when do players like John Thompson have the right to rip anyone?

bah, Toronto is a better city anyway

You telling me Toronto is a better city than NEW YORK CITY .. lol hahaha u r funny haha

Hey dj, you really can't argue either way, it's entirely subjective. (Besides, I highly doubt you've ever been to both NYC and Toronto.)

lol ... i live in staten island new york... i been to T dot.. and if anyone is sitting there and trying to tell me NYC is not the greatest city ever i dn't know what to tell you.

Yeah how would you say NYC is better than Toronto. It's in the fucking US you gun toting republican war monger punks.

Why is talking about the Mets?

Why is he talking about the Mets?

"Why is he talking about the Mets?"

NY was the other team that offered Thompson a ML contract. He offered an explanation for why he didn't choose the Mets ---LaDuca's lousy, is what I think he was trying to say.
Thompson was probably worried LaDuca was going tip pitches. It's hard to get xtra basehits when your mind isn't on the game

"lol ... i live in staten island new york... i been to T dot.. and if anyone is sitting there and trying to tell me NYC is not the greatest city ever i dn't know what to tell you."

OF COURSE you think NYC is the greatest city ever, I doubt you've even crossed the ocean, either side...and if you have and STILL think it's the greatest, you haven't traveled enough.
There are countless cities NYC doesn't even come close to. At least actually travel the world before you label it the greatest city ever...

"OF COURSE you think NYC is the greatest city ever, I doubt you've even crossed the ocean, either side...and if you have and STILL think it's the greatest, you haven't traveled enough.
There are countless cities NYC doesn't even come close to. At least actually travel the world before you label it the greatest city ever..."

1st of all you got everything wrong... i travel alot. Everyend.

The points that you are trying to make is only showing me the Mark by a lack of intelligence that you have

Im not sure how accurate my source is, but I just heard that Thomson was just pissed because during the whole Lo Duca cheating on his wife thing, Dukie was also banging Thomsons 18 year old daughter, his 24 year old cousin, and his 59 year old mom. I guess I would be kinda pissed to

pssst from a sox fan don't trust ANYTHING pedro says when its about himself. seriously if he has some info about a team mate its almost guaranteed to be true, but if it has anything to do with himself it is either completly blown out of proportion to make himself look totally awesome, or nonsensical for amusement purposes.

Maybe wihargo was talking specifically about Flushing, in which case, he is correct. The neighborhood must be nasty, judging from some of the nasty comments from Mets fans on this post. If you want to make fun of him, why not mock his ability to have a complete season or his habit of flirting with a 5 ERA?
Still, it's weird that Thompson would attack the Mets like that. I don't understand his motivation. What did you people do to him when he was a Met?

Hate New York City. It's cold and it's damp. And all of the people dress like monkeys...

Thomson should not later regret anything he has said. What's wrong with players speaking their mind? I like players that tell it like it is, without holding nothing back, rather than conditioned, phony actors such as Alex Rodriguez. I don't think the Mets are going to have a repeat of '06. They will not run away with the NL East this season. They don't have the best starting rotation in the NL East and Thomson knows this. If the Braves could have afforded him, I think they would have kept him. Atlanta's #5 spot is a little shaky, (Kyle Davies is penciled in as the #5 starter right now). If Thomson can stay healthy, I won't be shocked if he wins 14-15 games with an era under 4.00 this season. He will be more relaxed in Toronto. Thomson basically stated what others are afraid to say. The Mets have an average team going into spring training and he don't want to be part of a 3rd place team. Toronto won't be much better than the Mets this season. I really wish the Jays were in another division.

New York City or Toronto? Both those cities SUCK! San Diego is without a doubt the best city in the United States... It is supposed to be 78 degrees today without a cloud in the sky... and oh, I'm still only 1 hour away from snowboarding on snow-covered mountain slopes, 20 minutes from the beach, 30 minutes from Baja Mexico, 2 hours from LA, and 4 hours from Vegas. Not to mention more beautiful women than you can shake a stick at...

So bite me Toronto and NYC...

yes yars, the braves simply couldnt afford his half a million dollar deal or whatever it was he signed. Maybe they just didnt want him cuz he sucks at pitching? Just a thought, probably crazy, but hey, it just came to me. I know one thing though, the Mets have a better chance of success this season then the Blue Jays do facing teams like Boston and NY all the time. So good for you thomson, have fun pitching to whoever the minor league blue jay catcher is, when u dont make the big team out of spring training. Its ok tho, i heard the blue jay farm system has a really good catcher who wants to win real bad and wont let anything get in his way of that. So you should be happy John Thomson. One trip to NY was enough of your pitching for me to see in my life time. And to think we traded fan favoprite JAy Payton for you. John Thomson lol, i am happy he made this comment, and that he is so bad, cuz if he didnt suck so much, then this wouldnt be so funny

Im sorry yars, but the braves suck dude. The mets are winning the division by double digits again, but it will be ok sweetie i promise. I LOVE how people hate on the mets rotation that is the same rotation last year had the number 3 era in the league, and btw, are offense is pretty dam good and so is the pen. Braves suck, they cant even fill up their own stadium in the playoffs, pathetic rednecks

nrmax, first of all, the Mets starting rotation last year was not 3rd in the league, they were 8th in the league. The Mets bullpen was No.1 in the league giving the collective pitching staff the 3rd best ERA in the NL. So don't tell me the starting pitching wasn't a problem last year.... And second, it's not the same rotation as last year you doosh... Trachsel is gone, Glavine and El Duque are a year older, and Pedro is going to give you NOTHING this year. Not to mention the bullpen is also weaker - Bradford and Perez (easily the 2 best setup men for the Mets last year) are GONE! Just be prepared to re-take your usual spot in the East, looking up at the Braves!

Not to mention, the Braves offense was BETTER than the Mets last year... If you doubt that I can show you the numbers...

Pedro was a non factor for all but like 6 weeks last year, enyone familiar with his situation would know this, trachsel fucken sucked. They can get any of their kids to duplicate his numbers from last year. I dont know who this guy Perez is that your talking about being our best setup men and being gone is, if you find out who he is then let me know. Bradford was good, but a 35 year old middle reliever with back problems for 3 years 10 million , not when you can get draft picks instead. Middle relievers are the most inconsistent players in any sport on a year to year basis, their like punters in the NFL, and plus bradford wasnt a setup man he was a specialist guy to get like 1 or 2 outs in the 5th or 6th innings. The Braves offense had better numbers sure, but maybe you didnt think about the fact that the Mets had a playoff spot locked up all season and coasted for basically the last 2 months, giving guys a lot of rest. The braves were fighting a lost battle all year and didnt rest their starters all season. WHO IS PEREZ? LOL. If you mean Roberto Hernandez then thats funny because he simply didnt pitch with the mets at all. And they also got draft picks for him. How do you know whatPEdro will give the mets this year? He is projected back at the All star break, meaning if everything goes right, which it is now, he should be expected back by august or september. Braves reign is over my man.


Not Perez, I meant Darren Oliver... And don't try to downplay the significane of Bradford and Oliver to your bullpen. And I keep hearing about all these great young "kids" the Mets have in their pitching staff... So where are they exactly? I remember hearing how good Brian Bannister is going to be last year, and so where is he now? Fact is, the Braves are improved in their weakest position in 2006 while the Mets are weaker in their strongest position in 2006... So bring it on chumps...

How was Pedro a non-factor? He outpitched most of the other starters.

Because he had about 6 weeks of being somewhat healthy and then he just broke down and didnt provide anything. Go look up his monthly numbers last year if you dont believe me? And Darren Oliver? Oh yeah thats a real big loss. He was good but dont try and tell me that the long man cannot be replaced. All he does is come in when the mets are gettting killed or a pitcher gets hurt early, and how often does that happen. He was extremely good, but not a guy who cant be easily replaced. To call Oliver and Bradford the 2 best setup men on the mets is just ridiculous. Maybe on the braves awful bullpen last year they could have been. On the mets they were behind or equal too Wagner, Sanchez, Heilman, Mota, and Feliciano. Hardly the best setup men. Not even close

I'm a jays fan, however I've always had a soft spot for the mets, I'd have to say they were my second fav team growing up.

If the Jays and the Mets met in the World Series, I think whoever had home field advantage would win. The Lineups are pretty similair the difference being Frank Thomas in the game or not in the game.

Okay, the line has been drawn. GuitarHero, this gun-toting, pick-up driving, Republican war monger,meat eating, bad-ass son of a bitch, red-blooded American would love for you and your pansy-assed, french-speaking, tree-huggin', liberal, pussy country to ever do anything, and I mean ANYTHING useful for the world. No, you're all busy sucking off of our titty. This is the greatest country in the world, Jack and don't you ever forget who saves your ass anytime you have a little problem. Without us, you'd be nothing. Don't ever run down my country again you stupid bastard. Just sit up there all bundled up and wish that you or any of your fellow countrymen had a ballsack 1/4th of the size of anybody in the U.S. Military and pray thanks to the Lord above that we don't wipe Toronto off the friggin' map, Jackass.

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