Armando Benitez On The Block

The Giants are looking to trade 34 year-old reliever Armando Benitez, though he needs to prove he’s healthy first.

The Giants’ head trainer isn’t allowed to discuss the condition of Benitez’s knee, but he can tell us that Benitez’s attitude is just peachy.  Helpful.  We do know that Benitez will throw off a mound today for the first time since September.  We also know that the team would like him to lose a few pounds.

Even with the inflated market for relievers, I can’t see the Giants drumming up much interest in Benitez.  He’s not young.  His control has always been poor, and his strikeout rate has been down in recent years.  And he makes $7.6MM.  The Giants should probably hang on to him and hope he gives them 35-40 helpful innings.  They’d probably have to take on $5MM of his salary in a trade.  Even then, a team like the Marlins might be better off using internal options.

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