Cubs To Resume Talks With Carlos Zambrano Today

According to Carlos Zambrano himself, his agents and Jim Hendry will resume talks about a contract extension today by phone.  Gordon Wittenmeyer of the Chicago Sun-Times says the parameters are five years and an AAV between $14.6-18MM.  Makes sense, and I imagine a full no-trade would be in there too.

Zambrano had a lot to say yesterday, promising a Cy Young for himself a World Series title for Chicago.  He later qualified that last one by saying he’s "almost sure." As a Cubs fan, I enjoy the bravado. 

I once attended the 1998 Cubs Convention.  That ended up being a playoff season for the Cubs, their first since 1989.  I had the privilege of meeting Kevin Tapani.  I told him I hoped he’d win 20 games that year (I thus take most of the credit for his career-high 19 wins despite his 4.85 ERA).  Tap told me, "it’d be a great season if that happened."  It was an appropriate response for a past-his-prime battler.  I feel that Zambrano would tell a 15 year-old kid that he’ll win 25 and hit 25 home runs too. 

Tim’s take: Zambrano signs a five-year, $85MM extension with the Cubs before the season begins.

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