Rockies Offer Kim To Orioles

Ken Rosenthal’s recent column is chock full o’ rumors as usual.  The highlights:

  • The Rockies offered Byung-Hyun Kim to the Orioles for reliever Todd Williams but were turned down.  The O’s may yet work out a deal with the Mets for Williams.  Kim, meanwhile, may end up a bargain for some team if the price is that low.  Really, he’s better than most teams’ fifth starters.
  • Rosenthal agrees with most that Carlos Zambrano will sign with the Cubs by Opening Day.  However, a couple of other big-name free-agent starters to be probably will hit the market.  Jason Jennings and Jake Westbrook are two of the younger members of the ’08 free agent starter classMark Buehrle, Joe Kennedy, Kyle Lohse, and Kim will all be under 30 as well.

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