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Padres Need A Bat

The Padres are currently 13th in the NL in OBP and 10th in slugging.  They could really use a hitter - Mike Cameron and Kevin Kouzmanoff have been offensive black holes, Brian Giles has less power than his brother, Khalil Greene never gets on base, and Josh Bard batted cleanup a few days ago.

Phil Nevin's agent and apparently a San Diego radio station have been campaigning for the Padres to sign the free agent.  I think his supporters are more focused on the 22 homers than the fairly meager .438 SLG or the fact that Nevin can't play defense.  Tim Sullivan of the San Diego Union-Tribune throws out three other possible upgrades at third base: Troy Glaus, Hank Blalock, and Ryan Zimmerman.

Blalock seems to be bouncing back so far; he's at .292/.346/.467.  Kevin Towers and Jon Daniels have hooked up for two deals - one the infamous Adam Eaton trade, and the other a minor one that sent Freddy Guzman to Texas. 

We discussed Glaus yesterday - he would have to have a desire to come to San Diego.  Some scouts from other teams have been spotted at recent Blue Jays games, but the Padres were not among them.  As for Zimmerman, I would imagine the Nationals want to build around him.

We went through a Kevin Towers analysis last year, when the Padres were more clearly in need of a third baseman.  We learned that Towers has strong connections with Bill Bavasi and also the Red Sox.  That could make Adrian Beltre and Mike Lowell legitimate candidates.  Lowell is in his walk year and has slugged a surprising .549 so far.



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i am in san diego and i just got done reading that article and it became very clear to me when tim sullivan through ryan zimmerman's name out there that he has no clue what he is talking about. and phil nevin has no reason to be front page news in san diego. but the topic is right the padres need a bat.

i have noticed this year that a larger number of good third basemen are struggling. prospects like gordon, encarnacion, zimmerman, wright, marte, kouzmanoff, betemit, fields, more veteran players like atkins, crede, rolen, even blalock and chavez could be thrown in there. thats most of the league.

i still think kouz is the answer for the padres, but maybe he should be sent down for some confidence, and branyan can get some starts.

I agree, there is no way the nationals would part with zimmerman and Nevin was ran out of this town, but still tries to stick around. It has been 2 months of this kid's (Kouz) MLB career and his MiLB numbers warrant giving him more time to develop. Cameron is a notorious slow starter. I'm actually ok with Brian's #s this season since last years line on him was horrible for a 10 mil player. But except for bonds, there is no other HUGE bat in our division to hurt us. But don't forget, we have Adrian!

Zimmerman? Is that a joke? Other than Gonzalez and Peavy, the Padres couldn't put together a package of 5 players that would be worth Zimmerman.

Does anyone else think Bud Black needs to flip-flop Marcus & Brian in the order? I'd much rather prefer Brian to concentrate on taking walks, spraying singles and being aggresive on the bases. Marcus has proved himself in the past to be an elite #2 hitter and I'd like to see him back there. With Adrian at #3, that's one of the finest top of the orders in the league.

Personally, I'd love to see Branyon at 3B and at clean-up for 2 straight weeks. If he had a consistent schedule like that, he has the potential to put up some huge numbers. It might even be enough for him to claim both of those positions outright for the year.

As far as the OF goes, I'd like to see Cameron rented out for the rest of the year. If they packaged Cameron with Clay Hensley & Cedric Hunter, there's a chance they could land Ichiro. With Cameron in CF, the Mariners could still pretend they're a contender.

By the way, don't take anything Sullivan says seriously. He's a joke. San Diego's sports media in general has nothing to offer. We have to rely on outside commentary to get a solid idea on the future of the Friars, which is why I really appreciate posts like this one.

"If they packaged Cameron with Clay Hensley & Cedric Hunter, there's a chance they could land Ichiro"

I suppose if the Padres got a contract extension worked out with Ichiro that deal might make some sense. Otherwise, you're swapping free agent CF's and giving up a #3-4 type starter and a very young OF with good plate discipline and speed. For a somewhat budget conscious team like the Padres, the 4 years of control on Hensley plus the 6 years control of Hunter seem steep. I think I'd try to turn Cameron into a RP with at least 3 years of team control left and then move Linebrink for either a OF or 3B with some pop, preferably under contract for a couple of years at least.

On another note, does anyone think there's a chance of a Josh Bard for Jason Kendall trade? When Piazza gets back, he could split time with with Bard & Melhouse allowing Cust more AB's at DH. Hopefully Kendall could get back on track as a premium contact hitter with the Padres.

"On another note, does anyone think there's a chance of a Josh Bard for Jason Kendall trade? When Piazza gets back, he could split time with with Bard & Melhouse allowing Cust more AB's at DH. Hopefully Kendall could get back on track as a premium contact hitter with the Padres."

I wish, I'd love to see someone replace Kendall as he's killing the A's again with his terrible hitting. With Kurt Suzuki primed to take over next year, I'm not sure the A's would trade for another somewhat young catcher, unless they think Suzuki will need a platoon partner next year. Kendall could be a guy who could be revived in the NL, although I'm not sure he's salvageable at this point. I'd love to see the Padres take Kendall on, but I won't be holding my breath.

Kendall for Linebrink.

Book it.


I think that padres should be looking at the Astros as possible trade partners as Morgan Ensberg and Chris Burke are available. Burke was just demoted to Triple A and made some very interesting comments on the local radio station this afternoon.

As it stands right now it seems that Idians won the Barfeild/Kouz trade. Eventhough Barfeild has gotten to a slow start it just seems that Kouz will turn out to be more like a Cust-type DH.
Why cant they trade for Glaus? They can make a Greene/Linebrink for Glaus/Clayton. With Hill Moving to third and Adams playing secound. Glaus can be a huge boost to the middle of the PADRES order.

what makes you think kouz is a dh type, his defense has been more than we expected and its just been his hitting. i still think he will make a significant contribution right now, its just a matter of him working it out here or portland. and that ichiro trade wouldn't happen for a number of reasons.

1) Kouz a DH? DHs don't hit a buck ten with a single jack. The only reasons I'm not calling for his throat is due to his glove.
2) Glaus? Why would we want another injured old dude in SD? We got plenty.
3) Ichiro will never come to SD, our front office has some pretty tight wallets. And please don't trade away our only prospect worth a damn (hunter)

And btw pads, thanks for that 4 hit night, I'm happy I splurged for the pricy seats tonight...

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