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Abreu For Dye Swap Still Alive

Ken Rosenthal's recent report indicated that the Jermaine Dye for Bobby Abreu talks had cooled over the last week or so.  However, Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times indicated today that this deal "has started to take some life."

Read the article, and you'll find some quotes from Dye that apparently have annoyed the White Sox.  Personally I think his comments are just fine.  Basically he says that he will play hard for any team, and that swapping him for another veteran won't ignite the Sox.  Who can disagree with that?  Would Abreu really spark the Sox?

The last time the Sox made a challenge trade like this, if I recall correctly, was the Esteban Loaiza for Jose Contreras swap, also with the Yankees.  That occurred at the 2004 trading deadline, and worked out quite well for the Sox.

I don't like this trade for Chicago though.  Despite his struggles, Dye is on a 30 homer pace.  And the $16MM option on Abreu next year - that's only appealing if he's an All-Star for the White Sox.  That's hard to picture given what we've seen, but maybe Greg Walker has ideas on how to fix him.

It should also be noted that the Giants have been scouting the White Sox recently, and could look to acquire Dye or others.


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I completely agree that this trade does not seem to work in favor of the White Sox. If abreu was his usual .415 OBP and .315 average self, then it would be a pretty good trade for both teams. I mean, a change of scenery really is not the answer, as I do not thin Abreu is one to be affected by the New york Media. I think the White Sox could defintely get a younger talent for dye, a talent whom they could play right now, but also could use to build around in the future. With that being said, maybe the sox could go towards the angels and try to deal for an erick aybar/ chone figgins and ervin santana/joe saunders type deal. Or they could pursue talks with the dodgers and get a young player in return. I think the angels and dodgers are the ideal trading partners for dye, as the White Sox need to max out Dye's Value and get a young talent in return.

Exactly. This season is over for the Sox.

The offense is a joke and the bullpen is a disaster. The starting pitching has been very solid but that's not enough. They don't play in the N.L. This is the A.L. Central and they have no chance for the playoffs.

They must go young now. Dye should bring back a top young talent from someone.

Also, why should the Sox bother trading players for Rowand ? They can easily sign him in the offseason. They need as many young players as they can get because their farm system is barren of any players that can make a difference.

y not go for this if ur either team. both teams need to start getting some production from right field and they both need wins. both guys are slumping right now and maybe a change of scenery would help them out. look at what abreu did last year after he was traded.
his numbers went way up.
besides abreu has a club option next year so if he doesnt work out they dont have to resign him so moiney shouldnt be an issue. abreu also has a past with ozzie and likes him so he may not require his option get picked up to waive his no trade clause. and if he starts hitting then they can always pick up his option.

if they make the trade and it doesnt work out for either team, there not losing anything cause both players will be gone next season anyway. might as well take the chance and see what happens

The White Sox wouldn't do it for exactly those reasons. Both players are struggling and both could become free agents after this year. Trading Dye for prospects/pitching would be a better decision, should the White Sox decide it's time to throw in the towell.

Dye and Crede to the angels, and I am sure they could get two young prospects, probably not brandon wood, but possibly a mixture of aybar, figgins, rodiguez, saunders,santana,and I am sure there are others. I think that is the ideal move, as the angels may be willing to give up a little more, since they solve their third base problem and get a big bat in return.

If the yanks make this trade.. they r done with .. you knw bobby is gonna get hot soon .. dye is old he is gonna be an another old monkey to the yanks .. Dn't make this tradee

"If the yanks make this trade.. they r done with .. you knw bobby is gonna get hot soon .. dye is old he is gonna be an another old monkey to the yanks .. Dn't make this tradee"

Dye and Abreu are the same age.

^^^ so u telling me you rather have dye than Bobby .. hmm

^^^ so u telling me you rather have dye than Bobby .. hmm

I sure would. Abreu looks completely lost, he is a shadow of his former self. At least Dye is still hitting the ball hard, even if it isn't for average, and doesn't freak out once he nears the wall in right field.

LOL are you trying to say you would rather have abreu than dye? If so I laugh at you.

"If the yanks make this trade.. they r done with .. you knw bobby is gonna get hot soon .. dye is old he is gonna be an another old monkey to the yanks .. Dn't make this tradee"

Is that English? tradee? And yes, I think pretty much all of us would rather have Dye for the rest of the year than "Bobby."

I'm a Tigers fan, and I'd much rather the Sox have Abreu than Dye.

I don't understand this deal. Chicago shouldn't trade Dye unless they're waving the flag on the season. If that's the case, then what good does acquiring Abreu do? Trade JD to one of the LA teams for prospects instead.

Think Sox would take both Jones AND Murton for Dye? Dye would look awfully good behind ARam. Maybe put Sori in 2nd slot making the 2-5 slots Sori, Lee, ARam ,Dye.. not horrible. I like Murton but am getting the sense he may not be much better than Pagan so if we can make a move now I figure what the hell - go for it while the division still sucks and we can be in it at 8 games under .500

I didn't understand why Dye was mentioned in the Chron article on the Giants. Bonds isn't going anywhere, Roberts just signed as a free agent, and Winn has a no-trade contract, so he won't play in the OF for the Giants.

The only place he could conceivably play is 1B, where he has played only once in his career. And as nice as Dye is as a hitter, Klesko has a much better OPS than Dye right now, despite Dye hitting 10 homers already. Plus Klesko has been on a tear since the start of May, his OPS since then is around 950, about 200 points better than Dye. Plus Dye's stats are inflated by playing at his hitter friendly home.

Seems like Dye was only mentioned because he's a free agent. This is like the joke of looking for the quarter under the street light when you lost it over there in the dark.

Now, I can see the Giants talking to the ChiSox about SS. Williams wanted to sign Vizquel but the Giants beat him to him. The Giants appear to not be ready to re-sign Omar, who will be a free agent after the season.

The Giants could swap Vizquel for Uribe and get younger in the process. Both have been struggling, so it could be an even swap or maybe the ChiSox could throw in a reliever, they just sent down Aardsma, a former Giants prospect, since Vizquel is probably still a superior defensive SS over Uribe and thus a bit more valuable. Plus is still a better hitter even though he's over 40 now and Uribe is under 30.

The Giants could also use relievers or an upgrade at 3B, perhaps pick up Crede and Josh Fields is promoted by ChiSox to be starting 3B. Not sure who the Giants would give up in that scenario, the ChiSox wouldn't want Feliz in return, so it could mean trading away Sanchez or other prospects. However, I would rather trade Sanchez for Fields instead.

Best trading chips, since Sabean said the starting rotation is not available (i.e. Lowry and Morris is not going anywhere), is Sanchez plus maybe Lewis since he is doing so well in majors thus far. I saw Nick Pereirra's name mentioned as a top prospect by one analyst, so he could be in the mix as well.

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