Article On Boras

Came across an article on Scott Boras, via Will Caroll.  One quote from Boras struck me:

The Cardinals not signing Jeff Weaver is how you don’t win divisions, and my prediction is the St. Louis Cardinals won’t win their division this year.

I can see the Cards missing the playoffs, sure, but not signing Jeff Weaver for $8 million won’t be the reason.  Now if you want to argue that if the Cardinals had signed Weaver, they’d be in last place instead of fourth and in line for a better draft pick in ’08, I can buy that.  Boras should’ve went with that.

Another interesting section is the last page, where Boras proposes replacing the World Series with a nine game series in a different city each year.  Cities would compete for the right to host it.  That’s kind of cool.

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