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More Teixeira Talk

It seems that the hot topic this summer will be Mark Teixeira and a possible trade.  This could end up another Alfonso Soriano/A.J. Burnett situation, where there's tons of words wasted but no deal.

Buster Olney believes the Rangers will get some "tepid offers," with no team willing to pony up top prospects.  He also mentions that the Yankees have little to no interest in getting involved.  Though I think that could change if Brian Cashman is pushed out of power.

Teixeira makes $9MM this year, and could make $14MM or so in arbitration for 2008.  As a Boras client, you know he'll hit the open market after that.  So if you trade for him, you're basically getting 1.7 seasons of Teixeira for $20MM or so.

He's an above average hitter, no one can argue that.  An average first baseman will post an .800 OPS, while Teixeira should be around .900.  The Tigers, Braves, Dodgers, and Orioles are all contenders with a weakness at first base.  Maybe no one is shelling out two top shelf prospects/young players, but some team should at least come up with one.  I still like a Daniel Cabrera for Teixeira swap.  Cabrera, while young and inconsistent, keeps the ball on the ground and at least has the potential of bringing fair value.  His 2007 walk rate, while still a problem, is easily the best of his career.   

Not sure if the Braves would give up Salty for Tex, but I imagine Jon Daniels would be receptive.  The Dodgers could give up one solid guy, maybe a James Loney.  The Tigers might be able to solve their problem simply by playing Marcus Thames at first every day.  Who says he can't post an .850 OPS?


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What's all the hooplah about Daniel Cabrera? The guy can't string together a good full-season, yet he can get a bat like Mark Teixeira? I would do that in a second if I were the Orioles.

I don't know...it's a lot easier to come up with a decent-hitting 1B than it is a starting pitcher.


You're right about pitching in general, but in this case, the Rangers would be giving up a sure thing in exchange for potential.

Maybe if the Orioles included a prospect or somewhat servicable veteran to fill an immediate need (Melvin Mora at 3rd?), then it could work.

The Orioles don't have an extra starter right now. They already have Aubrey Huff at first, so they're getting a decent upgrade there and creating a huge hole in the rotation. They really can't make that deal (adding Mora in would be out of the question...maybe during the offseason you do something like that, but if they add Mora in, they'd need a pretty decent pitcher as well in the deal which kills the point for Texas). They're already playing without a long reliever.

I could still see the Dodgers pulling the trigger on Tex. Loney and Kuo with another throw in for Tex seems like a decent payoff for 1.5 years of his services. And the Dodgers have the cash.

Then Nomar would move to 3rd and Betemit or LaRoche would sub with him to give him more rest than he gets now.

I wouldn't call someone who averages over 37 HR per year a "decent-hitter." The Orioles don't have a chance of winning this year, the might as well trade for talent. Obviously their pitching stinks, but Cabrera isn't exactly an ace, if anything, he is part of the problem.

Cabrera for Teixeira. Orioles can call up Garret Olson to take his spot. Maybe they can make a respectable run next year.

Moe, it is quite misleading to average HR totals where 67% of it comes from 2004-05. Tex has slugged .515 for 800 ABs now. We don't know that he will return to the 40 HR realm.

Regardless, he is still a premier HR hitter -- not to mention he's a great defensive player. To get that type of player for Dan Cabrera, who has proven absolutely nothing, is a steal.

It's really not at all. 1B defense isn't a huge deal, and .515 really is not premier. Each year there are going to be 30 guys hitting for more power than that. Premiere to me has to be within the top 30. 1Bs as a matter of course slug .450-.460.

I think the fact that Cabrera has pitched a lot in the bigs and has been inconsistent is actually working against him in your mind when it should not. If I named some top flight pitching prospect who had not one day in the bigs, you'd probably be more receptive, which does not make sense.

Cabrera could easily turn it around - very similar to Oliver Perez in that he could be dreadful or dominant on any given day. It's hard to give up on that, but this deal could still make sense considering how hard up Texas is for pitching.

They're only 4 out of the wild card right now. I admit it's unlikely they make the playoffs, but their depth is just too weak in the rotation to trade away Cabrera...they've already got Burres in the rotation with Olson as the only decent alternative if someone gets injured...Now, if they could trade Gibbons for Lowry or Mora for someone a little better than Lowry, this starts to make more sense as Huff could move to third and whatnot...but their offense really isn't the problem right now...the biggest hole is the long relief/6th starter, and this trade would only make it worse.

You can't just say he could turn it around "easily." If it was so easy, he wouldn't be the bad pitcher he is. There are a ton of pitchers who have "great arms" or "throw hard," but aren't good pitchers. Oliver Perez, before the past few seasons, had a spectacular season with the Pirates. He could find that level until this year with Peterson. Mind you, Cabrera has a pretty good pitching coach in Leo Mazzonne, so obviously Cabrera isn't as easy to convert as you maintain he is.

This is all why the Dodgers have a great opportunity. They can package a ready starter... maybe even two (adding Tomko or Hendrickson with Kuo) and give Loney, or maybe even less.

Anyways, lots of choices from the Dodger farm system that the team does not need at the moment.

Loney, Elbert/Kuo and assorted others for Tex. Don't care if he's only around till 08. Loney especially is vastly overrated and needs to be on a team that's already full of power hitters.

here's an intruiging thought: what about the diamondbacks? they could reeaaallly use a lefty (or switch-hitter) in their lineup with some pop, and they could start a package with conor jackson plus another solid prospect or two. there wouldn't be a chance if the rangers asked for their best prospects, but if the demands are reasonable i would imagine that they'd have the cap space to re-sign him long term. it wouldn't hurt to inquire about him if i'm josh byrnes

Atlanta gives up Matt Harrison,Matt Diaz, Martin Prado for Tex

Add thorman get another outfield prospect and the move Salty to LF Great Lineup when chipper returns (3SW 2LH 3RH)

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