Royals’ Bradley Trade Cancelled

UPDATE: The trade of Bradley to the Royals has already fallen through.  Turns out Bradley had an oblique injury that neither team was aware of.  Maybe the GMs can still work something out, since Bradley could’ve been expected to have an oblique injury within a week or two anyway.

According to ESPN, the Royals have acquired Milton Bradley from the A’s for reliever Leo Nunez.  It’s a surprising move for Kansas City.

Nunez is a 23 year-old righty reliever.  He’s been compared to Julian Tavarez.  He’s got a decent hitter but his secondary pitches need work.  Nunez has been knocked around in 67 big league innings.  He’s pitching well in Double A this year but A) he probably belongs in Triple A and B) his strikeout rate is poor.

Bradley will presumably be the Royals’ regular left fielder, at least until he finds his way back to the DL.  If Dayton Moore doesn’t spin him off for something better than Nunez before the deadline, I don’t get the move.

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