Sheehan On Adam Dunn

Joe Sheehan of Baseball Prospectus gives his analysis on some Adam Dunn trade suitors.  And it’s a free article.

Is Dunn really a lightning rod for criticism in Cincinnati?  I’d like to see what those who live there think.  I feel that in this day and age Dunn is mostly appreciated for his strengths.

Sheehan’s top five fits for Dunn, in order of likelihood, are the Twins, Angels, Yankees, Padres, and A’s.  As Sheehan alludes to, Terry Ryan and Bill Stoneman don’t make this type of trade. 

What’s more, the Angels would have a serious logjam with Dunn.  You don’t move Casey Kotchman off first, leaving the DH and left field spots for Dunn.  You’d rotate the DH spot between Dunn and Vlad, and the left field spot between Garrett Anderson, Reggie Willits, and occasionally Dunn.  Someone’s losing some playing time in the deal, and Vlad is probably getting less time at DH to rest.  Use of Dunn on the field probably compromises the defense.  An Anderson injury could make this less of a problem.  Another thought: a coworker of mine suggested that the Angels give up some quality prospects for their bat, but force the inclusion of Shea Hillenbrand in the deal.  Not a bad idea.

Interesting to note that Sheehan calls Chase Headley unavailable.  Not sure if that is based on some inside info.  I had speculated yesterday that Headley’s callup could be a showcase.

Sheehan’s idea of the Yankees for Dunn makes a ton of sense, but they would have to assemble a prospect package without any real alluring name.  Well, Joba Chamberlain might be somewhat alluring.  It sounds like Wayne Krivsky would ask for Robinson Cano though. 

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