The Percival Saga Continues

For all the ink being spilled over the soon-to-be home of Troy Percival, is this guy really going to make much of a difference?  For all of his career saves, he really didn’t have that many dominating seasons, and of course it’s been a few years since he put together a full healthy season, regardless of quality.

Anyway, Rosenthal checks in with a report on the teams present at Troy’s most recent workout, notably new additions the Braves and the A’s.  Atlanta shouldn’t come as a surprise: John Schuerholz has been on a mission to have a solid pen ever since last year’s debacle, and with Mike Gonzalez going on the shelf for the rest of the year, it’s only natural that he’d seek another late-inning option.  The A’s are less obvious, but also make sense in their way: they’ve been aggressive in acquiring high-risk, high-reward type players, and they are also short a couple of relief arms due to injury.

Finally, the Philly Inquirer cites reports that the Phillies and Tigers are most interested in Percival. 

By Jeff Sackmann
Brew Crew Ball

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