Cantu On His Way Out Of Tampa Bay?

Jorge Cantu seems to want out of Tampa Bay; he’s dissatisfied with his lack of playing time this year.  He was recently designated for assigment to Durham again.  Most likely, the only reason he’s still in the organization is that Andrew Friedman couldn’t get anything useful for him via trade.  117 RBIs just don’t have the pull they did in the past.

But even if he doesn’t really have a position and doesn’t draw walks, there should be at least a little interest in a 25 year-old with good power.  Cantu slugged .497 with 28 HR in 2005; he still owns those skills somewhere.  He’s never actually had a full season at the Triple A level.  Maybe it’s time to take a step back before his development moves forward.

I think almost any team would be well served to buy low on Cantu, figure out one position he can play tolerably, and get him back on track.

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