Garland For Renteria Discussed?

Found via Buster Olney’s blog: Peter Gammons suggested that the White Sox and Braves have discussed a Jon Garland for Edgar Renteria swap.

Renteria, soon to turn 32, is hitting better this year than he ever has.  He’s quite a bargain for Atlanta, because the Red Sox are footing much of the bill.  Assuming Boston’s $8MM contribution was spread evenly for 2006-08, the Braves are paying Renteria about 6.66MM this year and the same in 2008.  Renteria also has an $11MM option for 2009 on which Boston would pay the $3MM buyout if necessary.  At present it seems very likely to be exercised though.  Yunel Escobar can handle shortstop defensively, so the Braves have an in-house replacement.  Kelly Johnson deserves to be playing every day.

Garland will turn 28 in September.  He’s making $10MM this year and $12MM in ’08.  He’d give the Braves some much-needed stability, and the team would have a formidable front four of John Smoltz, Tim Hudson, Chuck James, and Garland.  Despite a lack of strikeouts, Garland should be able to keep his ERA under 4 in the NL.  One concern is that Garland has a persistent knot in his throwing shoulder, though it doesn’t hurt and he thinks he will just pitch through it for the rest of his career.

If Kenny Williams can’t come up with a shortstop this summer, I could see him going after Omar Vizquel, who he tried to sign in the winter of 2004-05.

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