Matt Harrison Removed From Teixeira Deal

UPDATE: Sent Bowman an email about Harrison – it was definitely supposed to be his left (pitching) shoulder.  The article has been updated. 

22 year-old Double A southpaw Matt Harrison might be the Braves’ top pitching prospect, and he was part of the team’s offer for Mark Teixeira.  However, Harrison is having shoulder problems and has apparently been removed from the deal.  Ken Rosenthal does not indicate which shoulder, while’s Mark Bowman repeatedly says it’s his right shoulder.  Harrison is to see a doctor on Monday.

Furthermore, one source of Bowman’s thinks Harrison is still in the Braves’ offer along with Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Elvis Andrus.  Another source of Bowman’s believes the injury isn’t a dealbreaker.

Rosenthal, however, says the Braves gave Texas a list of pitchers to choose instead of Harrison, not including Jo-Jo Reyes.  Rosenthal adds that talks are fluid and it could become a 4 for 2 deal.  That might convince the Braves to part with Reyes.

Salty was the only position player not used in today’s 14-0 blowout; Brian McCann did not get relief.  That decision certainly seems related to an impending trade.

Meanwhile, the Diamondbacks inquired on Teixeira and were told it would take Conor Jackson, Carlos Gonzalez, and a pitching prospect.  The Dodgers have been slipping while Arizona has been playing well, and the result is a virtual tie for first place.  It would be interesting if the Diamondbacks jump in and become aggressive buyers. 

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