Pie For Laird and Mahay?

Phil Rogers has a rumor up on the Tribune blog today, where he indicated that the Cubs are thinking short-term and may be willing to give up Felix Pie in a deal.  According to Rogers, Pie for Gerald Laird and Ron Mahay is a possibility.

It seems that Mahay has since gone to Atlanta, so perhaps Rogers’ post went up before then.  Even if it was C.J. Wilson instead of Mahay I’d consider it a horrible deal for the Cubs.  Pie is a five-tool center fielder and he’s raking at Triple A.  Trading him for Laird would be absurd even if Laird threw out 100% of baserunners.   

Now if Torii Hunter is in play, the Cubs should at least listen.  Not sure if I’d make that move, but at least Hunter would net the Cubs a few extra wins this year.

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