Pirates Acquire Matt Morris For Rajai Davis, PTBNL

UPDATE: This was a pure salary dump – the Bucs are paying the entire contract.  Why, Dave?  Why?  Props to Sabean, but on June 1st he might’ve gotten a good prospect plus the same salary relief. 

The Pirates have acquired Matt Morris from the Giants for outfielder Rajai Davis and a player to be named later.  I’m guessing they just wanted salary relief, because Davis isn’t much more than a speedy reserve outfielder.  Brian Sabean made this deal about a month and a half too late.  Morris had a 2.56 ERA in June 11th.

The Pirates seem to be trying that strategy that didn’t work for Allard Baird – third-division club acquires third-division overpriced veterans to give the appearance of respectability.  Maybe a few years from now they’ll catch on to the Dayton Moore model.

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