Rosenthal’s Latest: Sexson, Dye

I feel bad for Ken Rosenthal’s family, as they won’t be seeing much of him until August 1st.  He’s got another update for us tonight.

  • The Mariners are hoping to unload Richie Sexson; can you blame them?  To trade for Sexson now would be insane, even with the Ms eating half of the $14MM he’s owed in 2008.  He has shown almost no signs of life this season.  Rosenthal suggests a Sexson for Matt Morris swap but I’d much rather have Morris.
  • The Brewers have considered the possibility of a Jermaine Dye trade.  Kenny Williams apparently wants Derrick Turnbow or Manny Parra, which actually sounds reasonable.
  • Rosenthal also has some info regarding role players Jeff Conine and Mark Loretta.  But even I have a hard time getting worked up over that.  I’d like to see a new, interesting name tossed into the rumor mill.  Like when Roy Oswalt came up a year ago.  How about Rafael Furcal or Jim Thome?  They’re free agents after the ’08 season, they should be semi-available.

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