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Twins, Yankees Like Dan Johnson

There's a lot of buzz going around that the A's may become sellers soon, nine games back in their division and eight out in the Wild Card.  Typical impending free agent parts like Mike Piazza and Shannon Stewart are candidates to be moved.

Another player Billy Beane could trade is first baseman Dan Johnson.  Johnson is nowhere near free agency, but top prospect Daric Barton is knocking on the door.  Having Johnson under contract through 2011 (if my math is correct) would make him especially valuable to a cost-conscious team like the Twins.  Makes a lot more sense than Ty Wigginton.

Charley Walters of the St. Paul Pioneer Press says the A's are intent on trading Johnson, and speculates that he'd be a fine fit at DH. Buster Olney adds the Yankees and Red Sox to the mix.  However, I think Buster may have accidentally misread the Walters article as far as the Boston part.

Johnson had an off year in 2006, but corrected double vision in the offseason and is hitting a solid .260/.369/.455 this year.  Granted that's just a hair above average for a 1B/DH, but it's a lot better than what the Twins have been running out there.  If Beane can pry away one of the Twins' young pitchers - I keep bringing up Scott Baker - I imagine a deal can get done.


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I don't think Buster missed anything. Any time either the Yankees or Red Sox inquire about a player, the other team is soon to follow to just keep their rivals from getting them.

What's so great about Dan Johnson besides being under club control for a few years?

He only had a hot May (and the few games in April)

Johnson's minor league record and 2005 season back up that he can hit like a league average 1B.

As for Buster, go read the article. I think he saw the word Barton and read Boston.

I agree that his minor league numbers are impressive.

I just don't think his major league numbers really tell all that much. You mentioned his double vision affecting his 2006, but what explains his horrid June and July so far this season.

Until he starts to be more consistent, I doubt he'd be anything better than an average player with what I would consider subpar production out of power positions like 1B and DH.

The Yankees and Boston are always mentioned because ESPN believes there aren't any other real teams in the AL East...isn't Toronto still ahead of the Yankees?...the only talk about the Jays is about playing for next year...

Perhaps thats just forecasting. We can throw a gentlemanly bet on whether Toronto finishes the season above NYY if you'd like.

Shannon Stewart to the Cubs possibly? He could probably could play all outfield positions and is a righty bat Sweet Lou has been wanting.

Teetz - I would really like getting Stewart, if we don't give up anything really. Can we give Oakland Jacque? Beane would be dumb to take him.

Selig will probably reject it, though.

Why would Lou Piniella want another righty bat with Soriano, Lee and Ramirez?

The Braves should be considered as suitors as well. The A's are getting close to needing someone to take over for Ellis and the Braves have plenty of middle infield depth.

Ellis has a 2008 club option for 5M (It will be picked up.

If anything, the A's are looking for a SS (Crosby sucks the life out of the team), Outfielders, and Pitchers.

A's will be asking for young AA/AAA players in return.

The A's need an SS who can.. well.. do anything. Hit and Field, and is not injury prone. Everything Crosby is not.

As for the Outfield, the A's are somewhat covered there.

looking to 2008, the A's are set at the following positions:

C1: Kurt Suzuki
1B: Daric Barton
2B: Mark Ellis ($5 option/Arby)
3B: Eric Chavez
LF: Travis Buck
RF: Nick Swisher:
CF: Chris Denorfia
DH: Jack Cust

Where can they upgrade? Well, SS and CF. Throw Mark Kotsay in CF talk, but since he has yet to relearn how to hit, he's a guy that needs to be dumped. Kendall is a Free Agent, and Crosby has officially gone the way of some of A's ROY Past (Hinske, Berroa, Grieve)

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