White Sox Discuss Vazquez, Garland

There hasn’t been much buzz on Javier Vazquez, but as suspected, Kenny Williams is at least willing to discuss him.  According to Toni Ginnetti of the Chicago Sun-Times, Williams was discussing Vazquez with the Phillies before the Phils got Kyle Lohse.  Pat Gillick and Kenny Williams really get along it seems.  It would be interesting to see Vazquez in play over the next 6.5 hours.

SI.com’s Jon Heyman reports some talks surrounding Jon Garland.  Heyman says Garland is "by far the best available starting pitcher right now."  The Dodgers, Mets, and Diamondbacks have all inquired and found the price unreasonable, however.  And don’t forget the Mariners and Yankees, who liked Garland earlier this month.

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