Yankees Discouraged On Gagne, Cubs Still In?

UPDATE: Peter Abraham confirms that the Yankees seem unlikely for Gagne.  He says the Red Sox are offering David Murphy and Kason Gabbard, while the Cubs are still quietly involved.  Not sure whether Gagne would have to consent to a trade to the Cubs, but he could be used as their closer without a major uprising.

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Yankees aren’t liking their chances to get Eric Gagne.  That might mean he’s going to the Red Sox, Mets, or Brewers, or that he’s staying put.

The Mets don’t seem likely given some previous reports and the Rangers’ demand for Carlos Gomez

The Red Sox would probably give up David Murphy and the Brewers would surrender Tony Gwynn Jr.  If the Rangers would settle for Gwynn, a deal could happen quickly because Gagne cannot veto a trade there.  However, he can block a move to Boston and that would present another obstacle. 

Speaking of the Red Sox, Rosenthal sees their chances for Jermaine Dye faded.  After all, that deal would have a no-trade obstacle too.

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