Disgruntled Encarnacion Could Be Moved

Cardinals right fielder Juan Encarnacion is not happy about his recent lack of playing time.  The St. Louis Post-Dispatch mentions that Encarnacion has spoken to his agent about potential trades.  Besides Encarnacion, the Cards have Rick Ankiel, Chris Duncan, Jim Edmonds, Ryan Ludwick, and So Taguchi competing for playing time.  There’s really not a clear choice to demote, either.

The Encarnacion signing back in ’05 has a lot in common with the Cubs’ signing of Jacque Jones.  Both mediocre right fielders signed at about three years, $15MM.  Both signings were of the "well, we gotta sign somebody" variety.  And both signings, by their second year, have come to be viewed mostly as burdens.

Encarnacion makes about $1.45MM more this year plus $6.5MM in ’08.  I imagine such a contract would clear waivers.  Any contenders looking for a mediocre outfielder?  The Twins might make sense.  Viva El Birdos lists the Tigers and Angels as other possibilities.     

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