Dodgers To Scout Contreras On Friday

The White Sox will grant Jose Contreras a showcase start on Friday, in hopes of unloading some of the $20MM owed to him from 2008-09.  Contreras hasn’t started since he was bombed by the Yankees on July 31st.  According to Chris De Luca of the Chicago Sun-Times, the Dodgers will be in attendance when Contreras goes Friday in Seattle.  The Mariners are actually a candidate to acquire him as well.

Contreras has thrown two consecutive scoreless relief appearances, and his last one lasted five innings against those same Mariners after Gavin Floyd was knocked around.  I’ve seen that attributed to Don Cooper’s recent tinkering, but can’t find a link to that story. 

As I mentioned before – it’s either going to have to be a bad contract swap or the Sox eating half of Contreras’s contract.  He’s cleared waivers, so he can be traded anywhere.  Here’s a list of others who have cleared waivers, but I don’t see a sensible fit.  I’m sure there are many more not on this list though.

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