Schilling Would Consider Devil Rays In 2008

Curt Schilling acts as his own agent, and he has a list of less than ten teams he’d like to play for in 2008.  He actually prefers a one-year deal over two.  His main priority, as you might expect, is joining a team with a strong chance to win the World Series.  Almost any team in baseball would benefit from signing Schilling to a one-year deal.

But an intriguing possibility surfaced yesterday.  Schilling would be open to playing for an up-and-coming young team like the Devil Rays.  He’d love to join their rotation and work with young hurlers like Scott Kazmir, Jamie Shields, Andy Sonnanstine, and Edwin Jackson.  That could actually make a formidable rotation.  Granted it may have just been a throwaway comment by Schilling, made mainly because the Red Sox are in Tampa Bay right now.

Could you imagine if the Devil Rays raised their payroll from the $25MM range to $75MM?  They could add Schilling, maybe a Francisco Cordero, and even make Jorge Posada an offer he couldn’t refuse.  And they’d still have plenty of cash left over to build some depth.

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