Discovering MLBTR

I’m always curious as to how people come about  Fortunately, it’s something I can and do track. 

64% of you visit the site directly, probably from a bookmark.  Thanks for that. 

Another 12% of you come from other websites, with the forums, Orioles Hangout, and Peter Abraham’s fine Yankees blog leading the way.  Visit those sites if you haven’t already.  Some others that have been kind to me: MetsBlog, Viva El Birdos, South Side Sox, McCovey Chronicles, and Bleed Cubbie Blue.  All are the leaders for their respective teams.

The other 24% come from search engines, especially Google.  Sometimes I like to flip through the actual search terms that brought people here.  My favorite of the month: 83 people found MLBTR by searching for "ross gload wallpaper."  I need to write about that more often; I just put some up in my condo.

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