Dodgers Willing To Trade Matt Kemp?

Matt Kemp is an incredibly valuable player.  Some would argue he’s worth more than $50MM over the next three seasons of his career, and he’ll cost a few million bucks.  Then there’s Bill Plaschke, who feels Kemp’s power and speed "have been negated by silly at-bats and baserunning mistakes."  By my calculation Kemp would have to make 742 baserunning mistakes per year to negate his .331/.364/.509 line. 

Plaschke has insider sources indicating that the Dodgers think their best chance to win would be to trade a very good young player like Kemp for a veteran.  U.S.S. Mariner recently noted just how dangerous the Dodgers’ recent brand of "pro-veteran entitlement" can be.

The question then becomes: which teams match up for Kemp?  The Dodgers seem to want a veteran position player, and I imagine the guy would have to be under contract for at least two seasons and probably three.  Third base and the outfield corners might be the openings.

Third basemen who could work include Eric Chavez, Troy Glaus, and Scott Rolen.  I assume Garrett Atkins is too young.  Miguel Tejada could work here also.  In the outfield maybe Ken Griffey Jr. or David DeJesus would fit.  Dodger fans – do you have confidence in Ned Colletti to spin Kemp into an equally valuable veteran?

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