Crazy Cubs Speculation

My apologies in advance for those who think this site is a little too Cubs-centric.  The Needs and Luxuries post was my fault, but it’s only natural for all of the local writers to speculate on ways to improve the club for 2008.

I know some of the Cubs fans who frequent MLBTR take some abuse for off-the-wall speculation.  Jacque Jones for someone of value, for example.  But honestly, the published newspaper speculation isn’t any better.

  • Barry Rozner takes his knee-jerk shots at Aramis Ramirez, who was awful in the three-game set against Arizona.  According to Rozner, A-Rod is a "better guy, better fielder, and better hitter."  That’s why the newly signed Ramirez should be dealt to make room for him.
  • Jeff Vorva wants to sign A-Rod for shortstop, move Theriot to second base, move Mark DeRosa to right field, and sign Torii Hunter for center field.  That’s message-board type stuff.  And I say again, Theriot’s not a starter.
  • Paul Sullivan wants to trade Jason Marquis.  Sure, that would be nice.  But come on – the Cubs got exactly what everyone expected in Marquis’ first year, maybe even a little better.  If Marquis is over 5.00 for the next two years, that should come as no surprise.  Sullivan would also like to sign Aaron Rowand off a career year, blocking the Cubs’ best prospect for around $55-60MM.
  • Gordon Wittenmyer wants Ryan Theriot leading off, though he was one of the few regular Cubs with an OBP worse than Soriano.  Wittenmyer expects the Cubs to cut Mark Prior loose rather than gamble $3MM on him.         
  • Phil Rogers notes Kerry Wood‘s resurgence as a reliever.  If the Cubs want to keep him, it’ll cost more than a million or two this time.

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