Kerry Wood May Be A Hot Commodity

I’ve followed Kerry Wood throughout his career, and I’ve always been a fan.  He seems to get a special admiration from Cubs fans despite his injury-plagued career.  Mark Prior doesn’t get the same reception.

The Cubs are at a crossroads with both of their former aces.  Wood made his "miracle" return to a big league mound on August 5th as a reliever, and looked sharp for the most part.  Now there are rumblings that he might want to try starting again.  I would be truly surprised if he made 25 starts, but I’m rooting for him.

Wood is going to be tantalizing to teams in the same way A.J. Burnett was.  That could mean maybe $12-14MM guaranteed over two years plus incentives.  I could really see such a contract in this market.  In the above-linked article, Paul Sullivan cites a Joe Girardi connection as a reason Wood could sign with the Yankees.  He also names other teams that "figure to be interested": both Texas teams, the Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Red Sox, and Reds.  Interest could be widespread as teams might see Wood as a possible bargain with swingman potential.  However I can’t see Wood making switching between starting and relieving midseason without health issues.   

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