Orioles Claim Novoa; More Ex-Cubs To Come?

As far as historians can tell, the Ex-Cub Factor curse was broken in 2001 by the Diamondbacks.  If you’re not familiar, the Ex-Cub Factor says that a team with three or more ex-Cubs cannot win the World Series.  Regardless, the Indians are in decent shape as they have only two (Joe Borowski and Kenny Lofton).  I think the Rockies only have LaTroy Hawkins.

The Chicago Tribune’s Paul Sullivan recently noted that the Orioles are stocking up on ex-Cubs, the latest being nondescript reliever Roberto Novoa.  Former Cubs president and GM Andy MacPhail has already added three to the four that were previously on the roster.

I mention all of this because of Sullivan’s last line, that MacPhail might take a look at free agents Kerry Wood and Michael Barrett this winter.  Wood I can see – he fits in with most teams at the right price as an intriguing yet high-risk swingman.  As for Barrett – perhaps the O’s would pursue him on a bargain one-year deal if they manage to trade Ramon Hernandez.  Hernandez makes $7.5MM in ’08, $8MM in ’09, and probably a $1MM buyout in ’10.  So, $16.5MM over the next two years.  If the O’s pay $5MM or so, teams like the Mets, Yankees, Rockies, or Marlins could be interested.    

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