Crisp Rather Than Rowand For White Sox?

Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times says Aaron Rowand has already priced himself out of the White Sox’s range.  Apparently the Sox talked to Rowand before they made an offer to Torii Hunter, and found the number of years Rowand requested to be out of the question.  Randy Miller said back in mid-October that Rowand was looking for a six-year, $84MM deal.  Cowley sees the Rangers and Dodgers as the main suitors for Rowand.

Cowley believes the White Sox, meanwhile, will move on to Coco Crisp.  They’ve long had interest in him.  I’m not sure how the White Sox and Red Sox would match up though.  The Red Sox are asking for quite a bit for Crisp – three prospects.  The Rangers balked upon hearing this.

Cowley also suggests that Kenny Williams could attempt to acquire Willy Taveras.  This seems more speculation than anything, based on Williams’ pursuit of him a year ago.  Trading him would seem to create a hole for the Rockies, and they have no need for Joe Crede.

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