Heyman Predicts Free Agent Contracts

SI.com’s Jon Heyman took a stab at guessing the contract lengths and amounts for 21 top free agents in yesterday’s column.  They’re very solid predictions.

There are a few predictions I disagree on slightly.  Scott Boras client Kyle Lohse is predicted to get three years, $24MM.  Personally I think some team will talk itself into going for a four-year, $36MM deal with him.  Mike Cameron I believe can now be had for two years instead of 3/21.  I would’ve agreed on two years, $8MM for Kaz Matsui, but it sounds like the Cubs are crazy enough to offer him three years.

Take a look at Heyman’s column and let us know in the comments where you differ.  Speaking of predictions, don’t forget to play Hot Stove Hysteria.  By the way if you already posted your entry but want to edit it, feel free to post a new one.  Your official entry will be your last one submitted, and the contest ends at midnight CST on November 12th.

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