Marlins Shopping Miguel Cabrera

This is a promising hot stove season with tons of angles to entertain us.  Miguel Cabrera shouldn’t get lost in the shuffle – this is a bona fide 24 year-old superstar, and he’s available via trade.

Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post lists the reasons – Cabrera is entering eight-figure salary territory, and he’s been getting lazy.  Capozzi’s teams source says the idea of the Marlins signing Alex Rodriguez has no substance.  But they would certainly trade Cabrera if they received a sweet package as they did for Josh Beckett.  Translation: Phil Hughes or Clay BuchholzJoel Sherman’s source says this won’t be an auction – the Marlins will target players and teams and make their demands.  You have to imagine Hughes and Buchholz are on that short list.  Michael Silverman expects the Red Sox to inquire on Cabrera, among others.

Capozzi also indicates that Dontrelle Willis is likely to stay put. 

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