Mets Give Castillo Four Years, $25 Million

UPDATE, 11-19-07: The AP confirms it.  Seems like there were more creative ways to fill the second base vacancy.  Castillo was playing it safe, and four years is too much.

UPDATE, 11-18-07: Now Ken Rosenthal has this one.

This one just came in from Tim. Dominican sports website Impacto Deportivo is reporting that the Mets and Luis Castillo have agreed to a four-year deal worth $25 million. They say to expect an official announcement shortly.

I got the summary from Tim. If anyone could head to the website and translate, it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and just because it’s the same thing as we’ve been hearing since yesterday and I didn’t want to give it another post, Glavine’s agent is saying that his client and the Braves are "maybe one or two phone calls away" from a deal.

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