Brewers Considering Crede, Blalock, Feliz, LaRoche, Tejada

What, you thought the Brewers were dead set on Scott Rolen?  Not so, according to Tom Haudricourt.  They’re considering the following options at third base, mostly because the left field options are worse.

  • Joe Crede – I can see this one happening, Doug Melvin and Kenny Williams get along.  And Kenny really has nowhere to play Crede.
  • Hank Blalock – Trading Blalock now is generally seen as selling low, so this seems unlikely.
  • Pedro Feliz – I’m going to disagree with Haudricourt that Feliz is intriguing.
  • Andy LaRoche – Now this one is intriguing, hitting the Dodgers up for LaRoche.  I imagine Colletti may want to include LaRoche in other, bigger deals though.
  • Miguel Tejada – He’s been discussed, but all the well-known warts make this unlikely.

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