Cardinals Rumors: Rolen, Bedard, Tejada

UPDATE, 12-5-07 at 8:46pm: Tony La Russa had some choice words concerning Rolen tonight.  Maybe they can’t coexist, after all.

FROM 12-5-07 at 8:26pm:

Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently appeared on the radio.  Colleague Bernie Miklasz transcribed it.

  • Strauss suggests the chances of Scott Rolen being traded are around 20%.  Tony La Russa might be able to co-exist with him, even if they don’t like each other.  Still, the Milwaukee talks may be revisited.
  • Strauss believes the Cards are sniffing around on Erik Bedard.’s Jim Molony spoke of their interest yesterday.
  • The Cardinals are revisiting Miguel Tejada.
  • The Cards have their eye on a free agent outfielder and a free agent starter and are heightening interest.

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