Clemens May Not Be Done

The general assumption when Roger Clemens was named in the Mitchell Report was that he would quietly retreat from the public eye.  That might not be so, according to Newsday’s Ken Davidoff.

Davidoff talked to a couple of people "familiar with Clemens’ thinking."  These sources below The Rocket wouldn’t go out on such a low note – the steroid accusation plus the aborted Division Series start.  Clemens has already denied the allegations in a public statement, and a 2008 return could be an act of defiance.  He’s not likely to be suspended, anyway.

Davidoff believes the Astros and Red Sox are the two possibilities.  The ‘Stros have a desperate need for rotation help.  Or, Clemens might be angling to finish his career in Boston.  That opportunity might grow a little larger if the Sox miss out on Johan Santana.  My guess is that Clemens might have to scale back his demands to the $12MM range.

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